And the Title of My Next Book Will Be…

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Egged on by “Unknowable” (you can blame him), and inspired by Joy Villa’s album going from #500,000 on amazon’s sales ranking to No. 3, in just hours, I have decided to title my next book King Ryons Makes Obann Great Again. Or Jack and Ellayne, or Helki–whoever’s turn it is.

Gotta do somethin’ to perk up sales, and this seems to be the quickest fix available. I wonder how many copies I’d have to sell, to go from 500,000, or worse, to a bright and shiny No. 3. Here’s hoping I find out!

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  1. For those of you that have not done so, here’s the official “Unknowable Seal of Approval” for Lee’s books. They are a great read, pace beautifully and are uplifting and spiritually minded.

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