Play Is Serious Business

I wasn’t going to post this, but the serious, solemn expression on this kitten’s face won me over. She is pondering some weighty matters, even while chasing her ball around. I’m not sure I want to know what she’s thinking about. But please feel free to hazard guesses.

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  1. She knows she has to learn to stalk prey, and all that play is good practice, so she may be thinking, wow, do I dare go after something this big?

  2. I went to the city yesterday to shop, and while in the car waiting for my daughter in law to go into a store for dog food, I watched two pigeons
    land on top of a light pole fixture in the parking lot. The surface was flat and circular, and the two pigeons danced round and round, reversed direction hopped a couple of times, then round and round again making their cooing noises. Very enjoyable entertainment for me while waiting.

    1. I’ve always wondered about that. We think of birds as being not so smart, but the mathematics of flight are not trivial. In order to fly and be in control, they have to have some serious brainpower, with regard to math.

      A lot of people hate pigeons, but I’ve always somewhat enjoyed them. They sure don’t seem to be very afraid of humans.

  3. I know they seem unafraid of people. At my former home, I would throw
    out seed for them in the back yard, and they came right up and began to
    eat before I even went back inside.

    1. A fellow we knew down the shore had a snowy egret that attached itself to him. In the winter it flew south to Florida, but come spring, it would return and follow this guy around, keep him company on his boat when he went fishing. Patty and I liked that egret–always saved some spare bait for it. We did let it into the house on one very stormy day, and were soon sorry we’d done that. Egret poo stinks like you wouldn’t believe!

  4. I’m always amazed by how pigeons will let people get within a few feet of them. Birds have always fascinated me and I think that they are amazing creatures. We hear the term “bird brain”, but everything I’ve ever seen about birds tells me that they’re pretty smart.

    They seem to have a sense of themselves and communicate non-verbally when they are around humans. A couple of years ago, I visited the coast and had an interesting encounter with a gull. He was eating a pice of raw fish and did not want me anywhere near his treasure. He shot me a look that would freeze water and I knew just what he meant; I was to step away from the fish.

    God’s stuff works!

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