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A Slippery Slope… for Kittens

Don’t ask me what the kittens were doing up there in the tree-house in the first place. Maybe their mother decided to have them there. Now watch what happens when the very young kittens decide to investigate the attached sliding board. Curiosity and cats.

Fortunately, Mommy’s here to help. Contrary to the academic prattle of today, motherhood is real. It’s part of God’s stuff, and it works.

Snuggly Kittens

You should probably win some kind of prize–a yacht, say–if you can guess how many kittens are in this pile. Maybe there are so many, they can’t help snuggling. But they must be happy, ’cause they’re purring. And when they get cheek to cheek with the microphones, you might think you were in lion country.

Kittens: So Cute, It’s Just Awful

My cats, Robbie and Peep, sure got a rise out of this video.

Admit it–you’d just love to reach out and grab one or more of these kittens and cuddle it like nobody’s business. It might also get them to cool their jets.

If I still had my painted turtle and he heard this sound track, he’d be excited. He had this enduring hope that someday Henry the cat would feed him, in addition to us feeding him. Henry never came across with the goodies, though.

Dangerous, Menacing Kittens

It was such fun when our kittens discovered they could puff up their tails and jump around sideways–highly threatening behavior! They’ve totally grown out of it, so now we can only see it on cat videos.

Sanity Break: A Playful Kitten

I don’t know about you, but I need a sanity break. I mean, the stuff I have to write about… it gets you down.

So, some of God’s stuff, instead. How about a nice kitten video? Yes, I think that’ll do the trick.

Kittens Cuddling with Dogs

What? You didn’t like that octopus video? Well, all right, here’s something a bit fuzzier. And somewhat dryer: kittens cuddling with dogs.

Any one of these dogs could swallow the kitten in one gulp, and yet they don’t. No. They play. They cuddle. I wish I could join them, but it’s only a video. Even Gumby never learned how to go into a video.

Eh? You don’t know who Gumby was?

Ask your mother.

High-Octane Kittens

Watch these kittens–what would you give, for that much energy? And notice that someone has wisely set up an enclosure wherein they can frolic to their hearts’ content, without getting into mischief. No climbing on top of the refrigerator somehow, crawling into the bad containing Daddy’s ice cream machine, and bringing the whole bally thing to the floor with a crash. No burrowing into the box springs. Oy, what could’ve gone wrong!

A Cavalcade of Kittens

Well, now it’s sleeting out, and I guess we’ll watch some Hercule Poirot tonight–but first a cat video. Some of these clips have already appeared in other videos: I’m sure I saw that kitten with the puffy tail in the remake of Carnal Knowledge starring those two guys who were fighting in the supermarket.


The Peaceable Kingdom

Just a little glimpse of heaven–good dog napping with three kittens.

This is what it will be like when God regenerates Creation, minus sin and death. He has most graciously given us brief glimpses of it. This is where we belong. This is what He has in store for us. God is love.

He’s Just a Kittens’ Playground

Who needs a sliding board, swings, or see-saw  when you’ve got a big, cozy dog who’s trying to take a nap? He’s all-purpose playground equipment.

Oh, well, puppies will do the same thing to a prone human being.

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