Sleepy Kitties

All right, enough nooze already. Let’s have something sane instead.

How about kittens trying unsuccessfully to stay awake? What a feeling that is! Like when we went to a geology lecture on a bitterly cold day, and they made the lecture hall too hot. Fell asleep while the guy was presenting the end of the world.

A Basket of Kittens

I think this basket has been retired from laundry service and surrendered to these kittens. I wonder how long it’ll take them to figure out that they can roll the basket forward, like a tank, from the inside. Some of us kids used to do that with big cardboard boxes.

Playful Kittens

This video’s a little long, but what the heck–live it up.

Included in these selections is a tiny little kitten who barks instead of meows. Aristotle hasn’t much to say about this phenomenon. It’s futile to consult him.

Kitten Tames Huge Ferocious Dog

This enormous savage dog at first seems… well, afraid of the tiny grey kitten. Or at least dubious about any possible association between them. Boldly the kitten persists–and no, he does not get eaten for his pains! These two are going to be friends.

The Angry Kitten

I haven’t seen more than the first few seconds of this video, displaying a kitten who means to show the world who’s boss. I kept trying to post a cat video and kept on getting “This video has been blocked,” etc. This is the one that I was finally allowed to post. We are told the kitten’s anger will be appeased. Let’s see how.

King of the Footstool

I used to get this a lot with Buster and Missy on my lap: it wasn’t big enough for both of them.

Here’s one kitten maintaining his claim to the top of the footstool–one against four. Watch his siblings try and try to dispossess him of his perch. This is a cat who’s going to go places!

Helping Mommy Cat

Here’s a cat with eight newborn kittens to care for. Cats are very good mothers, but eight at a time is a tall order!

You can hardly expect her to change the bedding in their box, so that’s where the human comes in. Don’t think she doesn’t appreciate it.

Kittens Freaked Out… by Their Mother

How do you like that? Mommy-cat goes to the vet–and when she comes home, her kittens make like they don’t know her. Our two cats were like that. The one who goes to the vet comes home smelling like the doctor’s–obviously an imposter, cleverly disguised as one’s sister.

It’s OK–everything back to normal the next day.

Not-So-Sleepy Kittens

The hurly-burly’s done, at least for now, we’re not taking Robbie to The Bad House tomorrow, we’ll find another way to deal with her hyperthyroid problem: our regular vet says there are things we can try.

Meanwhile, these are supposed to be sleepy kittens, but I don’t see much hope of that. Well, at least they’re cute and huggable kittens. And that’s worth a lot.

Kitten Adopts Colossal Big Dog

You see this a lot: the tiniest kittens want to make friends with the biggest dogs. I think the dog in this video wants to take a nap but is too polite to shoo the kitten.

This kitten reminds me of our cat, Buster, whose mission in life was to make friends with everything and everybody (except spiders: those he ate). He’d have loved it if we’d had a dog.