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Kitten, Otter, and Playtime

Actually, I think that maybe every waking moment is playtime for these two. Otters are well-known for their playfulness, but I don’t know how you acquire one for a pet.

Currently the otter has a slight advantage over the kitten. That’ll change. But I don’t think their friendship will.

Kittens Cork Off

These kittens are trying their best to stay awake, but some of them just can’t do it. This reminds me of my brother when he was little. He used to plead with my mother to let him say up to watch Route 66 on Friday night (he was crazy about the car, that old Corvette)–and three minutes after it started, he’d be sound asleep on the couch. Never failed.

Kitten’s Baby-Sitter is a Rat

Don’t worry about the cute little kitten: he has nothing to fear from the pet rat, other than a rather vigorous grooming. He would like to catch hold of the rat’s tail.

Our rats were rough on each other but gentle and playful with us. This rat seems preoccupied with getting down from the chair without having to jump.

I think these two will still be friends after the kitten grows up to be a cat. It’s weird, but that’s domestication for you.

Krazy Kittens

Ever since I posted that cat-and-guinea pig video last evening, this blog has been listless and flabby. I don’t know if that was the guinea pig’s fault, or the cat’s, or mine.

So let’s try to liven things up with a basketful of kittens all mewing and clambering at once. I think there are eight of them, but more then two and less than twelve is about as sure as I can be.

It is said that at one time Pennsylvania was completely uninhabited because of kitten noise driving people bonkers.

Kittens Conquer the Stairs

Can you remember the first time you went up the stairs–on your own? I remember the first time I fell down the stairs, but the first time going up… lost in the mists of time.

Here are kittens trying to climb the stairs for the first time. Their mother’s up at the top, so they can see her. And one by one, they manage it–except for this last little kitten who looks like maybe he won’t make it.

Tune in to find out if he finally does.

Kittens & Hamsters (It Just Might Work)

Hamsters were kind of grump little souls, when I was just a boy; but it looks like that’s been largely bred out of them and now they’re much friendlier.

So here are kittens trying to make friends with hamsters: nobody taught them they were supposed to eat them. And no one taught the hamsters to be afraid of kittens.

My cats never showed much interest in my mice, beyond a casual sniff or two. It was the baby fence lizards that they wanted to wolf down. But they couldn’t get the lid off the tank.

Kittens Testing Dogs

Are these kittens suicidal? Nah. They know the dogs won’t hurt them. How do they know that? Beats me! Maybe the ones who were going to get eaten have already gotten eaten. Most of the dogs in this video seem to have truly monumental patience. I guess they need it.

More Sleepy Kittens

It’s Friday, I’ve worked hard this week, I’m full of supper, it has started quietly to rain… and I’ve got a video full of sleepy kittens. With music that’s not exactly Reveille. But I know… I… can stay up… just a bit…… longer…. if I [klunk–head hits table]

Chased by Fierce Kittens!

Don’t these four tiny kittens know the big red dog could eat them? Actually, the dog doesn’t know what to do with them. Maybe they’re going to eat him. The dog keeps retreating at the kittens keep coming. I think they have the idea that big furry things mean you can do some nursing.

Kittens & Baby Chicks

Resistance is futile! Kittens and baby chicks–no way you’re gonna resist that. Don’t even try.

It is said that Alfred Hitchcock, “the Master of Suspense,” never had much to do with cats and chickens. I will not attempt at this time to involve myself in that discussion.


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