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Better Late than Never: Cat Video

I apologize for posting this video so late in the day. I was overcome by its high levels of cuteness, and have only just now recovered.

Kittens vs. Mirrors

Certain people make love to their reflections in a mirror. But cats make war.

Walkin’ sideways, arched back, puffy tail–the works! Anything to intimidate that other cat!

I think cats would be disappointed if they ever found out what a reflection really is.

Kitten Stampede

When we first brought our two kittens Buster and Missy into our home, it wasn’t long before I found myself asking, “Are you sure there’s only two of them?” Because, holy moly, can kittens move!

The maker of this video had seven kittens to work with instead of two. He is reportedly on the long road to recovery.

On a Slippery Slope with Kittens

So I’m all mellow and calm as I go to post this nice cat video–and then WordPress tells me I’m gonna get a “new editor” for a “new layout” and that’s the top of my head they’re scraping off the ceiling. No! No! No new stuff! I can barely manage the old stuff that I’m used to. Who asked for anything new around here? Not me! No, no, no, I will most emphatically not try “our new editor,” no way, why can’t you people just leave me alone, what have I ever done to you??? Excuse me while I scream.

Kitten See, Kitten Do

As you can see from this video, kittens are very imitative. If you have one or more kittens in the house, it’s important for you to be a good role model. Usually the mother cat performs this function. Even so, be on your guard lest a kitten pick up any not-so-nice human habits. Like not refilling the ice tray.

Kitten’s Unusual Playmate

I’m trying to figure out what’s going on in this video. The kitten isn’t sure he wants to play with the rat, and it doesn’t look to me like the rat is sure about anything. Meanwhile, this freakin’ computer is giving me fits. But that’s another matter altogether.

Our rats loved to play with us, but not with each other. Turn out the light, and the next thing you know, it’s wrestlemania in the rats’ tank. Bump-bump-bump-Thud-SQUEEEEEEEAK!!! Then you turn the light back on and they’re just sitting there like nothing happened.

A Mother Hen and Her… What?

You won’t believe this video. And I’d better watch out, or I won’t be able to eat chicken anymore.

This hen has adopted a kitten. She broods it. And the kitten, if removed, crawls back under the chicken. Did you know God put that that much love in His creation, even in its fallen state? Whatever will it be like, once He regenerates it?

The only problem here is that the chicken can’t nurse the kitten. The participating human will have to do that. But someday that’ll make for quite a memory.

Kitten and Guinea Pig at Play

The kitten really wants the guinea pig to play with him, and he finally gets his wish. If only the hammy humans would stay out of the way, we might learn something.

I’ve never had a guinea pig, but the ones in a certain pet store were always up for petting and tickling. I’ll bet I’d fall in love with it, if I had one.

Kittens: They Do It with Mirrors

I never get tired of watching kittens getting goofy over mirrors. I had an anole once who’d go positively postal if he saw his reflection in a mirror; and I once saw a hamster get very grumpy about it. But kittens seem to be having fun.

It is said that clams are among the very few animals to recognize themselves in a mirror; but they don’t do anything about it.

Killer Kittens

There are old kittens and there are bold kittens, but there are no old, bold kittens. In fact, there aren’t any old kittens at all, strictly speaking.

This video focuses on bold kittens. They’ll jump on anything, big or small.

Mr. Nature promises to show us a squeaking caterpillar tomorrow. Stay tuned. How they do it without vocal organs must be a pretty neat trick.

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