A Tumbly Kitten

Here’s a question which has tantalized sages and philosophers for heaven only knows how long:

Why do people who have their own cats watch videos of other people’s cats? Is it because our cats mostly sleep? That doesn’t make for good video.

I don’t know the answer to that question.

You’re Getting Sleepy… Very Sleeeeepy…

This little kitten wants to stay awake–to watch Bonanza, maybe?–but it’s just so hard to do! I saw a kid fall asleep in high school Spanish class, and at the end of the period, the teacher made us tip-toe out of the room to see how long he’d sleep if we didn’t wake him. I wonder if this kitten would’ve done better if he’d had a desk.

Supercharged Kitten

We couldn’t get over the vet describing our sweet, gentle Peep as a ferocious angry cat who terrorized the staff.

But watch this kitten! He’s going to out-Peep Peep when he grows up. The doctor can smile about it now, but in another year or so… watch out.

This Kitten Means Business

My wife was so shocked when we were told that our sweet, friendly, peaceful little Peep turned rogue when she was at the vet’s. She couldn’t believe her ears. It was like hearing that Norbert preys on sheep.

So here’s a kitten who already growls at uncooperative humans. What’s he gonna be like when he grows up–a scourge of man and beast?

Kitten: ‘That’s a Load of… What?’

Can a curious kitten and a load of wash salvage today’s blogging disaster? Viewership is a good seven hours behind what it should be at this time. I don’t know why that happens. Would it help if I invented some good news and reported that?

Anyhow, watch the kitty try to figure out what all that round-and-round is all about. You can almost see the wheels turning…

A Successful Cat Toy

Wow, look at this! Two kittens actually play with an expensive fancy cat toy! Stop the presses!

I should point out though, that the human took away the cardboard box it came in. That’s cheating.

A Peaceful End to a Cat Fight

You’d think they could take turns with the scratching pad. Boy, would you be wrong!

True, they do scratch the scratching paid; but even more, much more, they like to sleep on it. And of course there’s no question of sharing it. My cats would feel forever shamed if either consented to share the blinkin’ thing.

Have any of you ever had a cat who didn’t sleep on the scratching pad?

Kitten Loves Mouse on a String

Don’t worry, it’s not a real mouse. Heaven forbid. It’s just one of those toy mice that eventually gets stripped down to its bare plastic shape. Our cats have one like that.

This is a very special kitten–more interested in the toy itself than in the bag it came in. It’s my experience that nothing beats a cardboard box… although our girl Missy thought nothing beat a fresh pipe cleaner. She’d play “fetch” with those.

Charming Little Faces

Had enough bad nooze for one day? I’m sure I have. Enter the Sappy Swordsman with a bunch of sweet little munchkin kittens.

Munchkins are bred to have short legs, which makes the rest of them look bigger. Don’t ask me to explain the decision to do that.

Kittens Who Can’t Stay Awake

Phoebe’s in the mood for kitten video, and so am I, so why not?

Here are some little characters trying to stay awake; but it’s a losing battle. All they need is for someone to read them a bedtime story, and they’re out.