Kittens & Puppies (‘Play Nice Together!)

What do you get when you mix kittens and puppies? A barrel of monkeys, maybe? Here we have proof of it.

That great music, in case you didn’t know, is In the Hall of the Mountain King by Edvard Grieg.

A Non-Conformist Kitten

The other three kittens are frolicking all over the sofa… while this one is about to fall asleep sitting up. There’s got to be a story behind that. “Wearied from his struggles against the Master Mind of Mars, Zizzy couldn’t join his crew in celebration.”

You can take it from there.

The Cats’ Meow

Little baby kittens mewing and meowing–that’s cute, who doesn’t love it? Although I’ll bet after eight or nine hours of it, you might be ready for something different. But it’s the only way a kitten has of communicating with you. I mean, he’s not going to stand up and deliver the Gettysburg Address, is he? (The last cat who did that made more trouble for himself than it was worth.)

Kitten vs. Duckling: The Steel Cage Match

We couldn’t really get a steel cage, so the barnyard will have to do.

What are this cat and duckling doing? It looks like they’re fighting, but neither one is getting hurt. At any time the kitten could have run away, jumped onto a chair, climbed a fence, whatever. But no–he sticks around to have his face pecked repeatedly. As for the duckling–well, maybe he pushes this a little farther than it ought to go. He’ll learn.

Gladiator School… for Kittens

Please don’t watch this video if you have an extraordinarily weak constitution, or a non-functioning mind. The threat displays alone will have you gibbering in your sleep.

These are not just ordinary kittens. These are Kombat Kittens!

Note that they completely fail to scare their mother. She must be made of very stern stuff.

Kittens Prepare for Sky-Diving!

You can see from this video that they still have very much to learn about safely packing a parachute. That’s why they have to practice on curtains.

I can’t prove they are preparing for a sky-diving adventure, but what else could this be? Like, who just plays with curtains?

Pit Bull Dotes on Kitten

I don’t want to hear that stuff about big bad savage pit bulls. Look at this great big dog playing so gently with the little tiny kitten. In fact, we’ve had this very thing in our own family: Georgia’s pit bull stepping up as a mommy to their rescue kitten.

If only we could learn to be good as easily as dogs and cats learn to be good…

No Humans Allowed on This Bed!

“Think big!” is always enticing advice, even if you’re just a kitten. This little character has laid claim to a whole bed–a claim which he backs up by running sideways and puffing his tail. He hasn’t yet quite mastered Puffy Tail technique, but he’s sure to get it in another few days.

Amazing False Fact: The Carthaginian army used to run sideways to freak out the Romans.

Kittens Bugging Dogs

This quiz is multiple-choice. Ready?

*These little kittens know the big dogs won’t hurt them because…

a) they’re crazy                                       c) the nice human promised them they wouldn’t

b) they don’t know; they’re just lucky     d) the know the dogs are nice

A Kitten Conks Out

This little white fluffy character just can’t stay awake. What he wants to stay awake for can only be conjectured. But one thing can be known for sure: if you’re a kitten and you fall asleep, it’s only a matter of seconds before another kitten wakes you.