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Killer Kittens from Venus!

If this cat video were a 1950s monster movie, the trailer would say:

SEE the attack on the box of tissues!

SEE perpetual-motion fuzzy cats! SEE them tumble, roll, and fall!

SEE the helpless scientists try to control it!

**$1,000 Bounty Paid to Any Theater Patron Who Has Conniptions, Watching This!**

Krazy Kittens

Lost a ton of time trying to get the accursed evil computer to work, so there’s only time for a short video.

Kittens chasing ping pong balls. Don’t you wish you had that much energy? Although an adult human with that much energy might be exasperating company…

Perpetual Motion Kittens

When they’re not actually asleep, kittens can be perpetual motion machines. That time we brought Buster and Missy home, their first night here, I was moved to cry out, “Are you sure there are only two of them?” But at least they never found their way into the innards of the box spring, like Robbie and Peep did.

Snow Kittens

I know–some of you have had it up to here with snow. But you’ll grant me that kittens are allowed to revel in it, and it’s certainly fun to watch them doing it.

Fun False Fact: Several cats in the town of Queens Difficulty, Pennsylvania, have learned how to make snow men.

Kittens in Paper Bag Wonderland

The woman who made this video must really love her kittens (well, that’s what they’re for, isn’t it?)–that, or she’s one of the world’s worst housekeepers. Such an abundance of paper bags! Cats are sure humans don’t know what they’re missing…

Bonus Video: Super-Kitten

This kitten wants to be a gecko when he grows up. But maybe by then he’ll have learned to fly.

Don’t try this yourself: it’s harder than it looks.

Kittens + Yarn = Fun!

Do you know anyone who loves to wrestle with a ball of yarn? That person is probably not quite all there.

Ah! But what has ever outdone yard as a cat toy? Kittens are especially fond of it. I wonder if my cats would enjoy trashing a ball of yard. But for me there might be adverse consequences if I let them do it…

Kitten Kavalcade

Admittedly, not the most creative video I’ve ever posted. But I’m a sucker for cute little kittens. And the ones in the videos never somehow fly to the top of the refrigerator, crawl inside the bag with the ice cream-making machine, and then send the whole shootin’ match to the floor with a crash like the crack of doom. Peep did that once. She was unscathed, but the machine was ruined.

Cats & Kittens (without Bigfoot)

Yes, you read that right: there is no Bigfoot footage in this video. Just a lot of cats and kittens.

Just as rare as Bigfoot, these days, are phone booths. But one of these cats has invented a new way to drop a dime…

High-Energy Kittens

When we brought our two kittens home, it wasn’t long before we were asking each other, “Are you sure there are only two of them?” They had enough energy for half a dozen cats–especially once they got old enough to figure out how to puff their tails and run sideways. Alas, the novelty of that wore off, by and by. But it was fun to watch.

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