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A Kitten Overcomes His Fear

Do you have a pervasive fear of roombas? Gee, I hope not.

The little kitten in this video is spooked by the roomba at first: he’ll do just about anything to get away from it. (Are all roombas that noisy? I’ve never had one.) But watch him grow out of it in just a couple of minutes.

And now it’s raining, I’ve had my supper… and it’s time I got some cuddles from my cats.

Kittens and… Shoes?

Does somebody have really big feet, or are these very small kittens? And is somebody shooting this whole video sideways, or have these kittens been raised by geckos, and acquired some really peculiar skills?

This Kitten’s a Show-Off

Some people, you put ’em on camera, and they can’t contain themselves. This particular kitten shares that trait with them. But it’s his first time in a new apartment, so maybe you can’t blame him for getting excited. Our two kittens got so excited over being in a new place, you’d think there were a dozen of them.

More Joy of Boxes

Kittens don’t have to wait till they grow up to fall in love with cardboard boxes. Humans could learn from this. It is said Nikita Khrushchev often regretted that he had never had the opportunity to play with cardboard boxes as a child. “There would’ve been no Cuban missile crisis, if I had,” he once confided to Soupy Sales.

You won’t catch any of these kittens touching off a missile crisis.

Big Dogs, Tiny Kittens

How do the dogs know not to eat the tiny kittens? Some of these kittens are only just learning how to walk. It seems the dogs want to play, cuddle, or both–except for that one dog who’s afraid of kittens. Go figure that one out.

My family includes a tiny kitten who was raised by a big dog. Here’s proof.


Kitten Kaboodle

All right, I’m a softy. I can afford to be. It can’t be all swordfights, all the time. Somewhere in there, you’re going to need kittens.

My cats, when they were kittens, had these huge bat-ears. If those ears had kept growing with the rest of them, I could charge admission. But the ears just stayed the same as their owners caught up with them.

Kittens & the Romance of Paper Bags

It never fails. You buy your cat a really snazzy (and probably expensive) cat toy, and all she wants is the paper bag it came in.

As you will see from this video, this romantic yen for paper bags is inborn in cats. Little kittens have it. I’ll bet if you rattled a paper bag near a pregnant cat, the babies in her womb would get rowdy. “Oh, we just can’t wait to be born! A world filled with paper bags awaits us!”

Conked-Out Kitties

Quarter to seven, and we still haven’t had our blooming supper. Chinese food tonight: much too late to start cooking. And we have an invasion of flies and no idea how they’re getting in.

Cats, I feel you, guys! If I weren’t so frustrated, I’d conk out, too. But I thought I’d like to post a cat video before I do.

A Bold Fierce Kitten

You don’t make your name in the cat world by taking guff from a yarn ball. You let him have it. That goes for those little rubber balls, too. Let the balls push you around, and the next thing you know, you’re getting chased by a hamster. But the hamster will respect you if he sees you laying down the law to those balls.

A Kitten with a Dream

Yeah, I know–I made it sound like this kitten wanted to run for Congress or something shameful like that. In fact, the kitten literally is having a dream. Watch him act it out in his sleep.

I know cats dream. But has this little kitten even been in this world long enough to dream about anything in particular? Which leads me to my next question: Do human infants dream?

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