Killer-Diller Kittens!

Holy moly! This is not a nursery–this is a gladiator school! See the kittens practicing their lethal moves. There’s a victim in there somewhere, but we only see his or her leg. “Where’s the rest of me?” Dude, you’re in there with all those kittens and you have to ask that?

Big Dog & Little Kittens

Isn’t domestication wonderful? Four little kittens want to explore the great big German shepherd. Well, why not? The big dog has a kindly face. I think we’re witnessing the start of a beautiful friendship.

Kitten Learns Life Lesson

It’s a lesson that most house cats have to learn sooner or later.

Getting into the bathtub is easy.

Getting out of the bathtub is hard. Really hard.

Sometimes you really need the human to be there.

Beware! Killer Kitten

This kitten is a killer… or so we’ve been told. Look at him go after those slippers. Don’t worry, the woman’s in no danger. The kitten is only practicing his moves on her. Later on in life, he will use them against bugs.

An Ambitious Kitten

Oh, I wish this video were longer! It brings back fond memories of Robbie as a kitten, lugging my wife’s slippers around the living room. A slipper was slightly bigger than she was, at the time.

I imagine a cat has big plans for these slippers… and we’d be shocked if we knew what they were.

Sleepy Kitten, Speeded-Up

Thanks to the magic of time-lapse video, you can watch this kitten’s whole nap in just a little over a minute. And you can try to guess, from her various motions and gestures, what she’s dreaming about. (Looks like basketball to me.)

‘A Sleepy Head’s a Foolish One’

Let’s turn away from the hurly-burly, and cuddle up with some kittens. You can just ignore the headline: these kittens are way too tired to get involved in any foolishness. Anyhow, what does some old Roman poet know from kittens?

Rampaging Kitten Destroys Senator’s Beachfront Mansion

Oh, all right, the headline’s a tad inaccurate. Really, we don’t know what this little white kitten did to make himself so sleepy. We might’ve found out if the other one didn’t keep trying to upstage him. Some cats, they see a camera and think they’re Wendy Eichelberg… [The management has no idea what he’s talking about.]

Sleepy Kitties

All right, enough nooze already. Let’s have something sane instead.

How about kittens trying unsuccessfully to stay awake? What a feeling that is! Like when we went to a geology lecture on a bitterly cold day, and they made the lecture hall too hot. Fell asleep while the guy was presenting the end of the world.

A Basket of Kittens

I think this basket has been retired from laundry service and surrendered to these kittens. I wonder how long it’ll take them to figure out that they can roll the basket forward, like a tank, from the inside. Some of us kids used to do that with big cardboard boxes.