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Is This Determination–or What?

Our supper’s going to be late today, so I might as well do my cat video now.

I don’t recall ever encountering a sliding board anywhere near as slippery as this one seems to be. Then again, it’s been a very long time since I’ve been on a sliding board. Maybe they’ve changed something.

So here’s a kitten getting a workout, trying to go up the wrong way. You’d think he’d give up, but he doesn’t. I like that in a kitten.

Kitten Kaboodle

It is said that Bocaccio once used this headline for a chapter in his book, My Cats They Are Real Nice, but I don’t believe it.

How come I’ve never been able to get a cat to do that peek-a-boo thing with its paws?

Playing Like Cats and Dogs

I wish I could roll around on the floor with some puppies and kittens. They know how to have fun! They also remind us that God has a lot better stuff reserved for us than the worldly muck that we come up with. In fact, they show us that even this fallen world has more to offer than a lot of the business we’ve got our noses pressed into.

Sliding and Tumbling Kittens

In search of cuddly animals that live mostly on land, we present… kittens.

Want to show your kittens a good time? Give ’em a sliding board. Most of them will insist on trying to climb up the slippery chute instead of the stairs. It’s more fun that way.

Kittens & Puppies Together

WARNING: You’re gonna fall in love.

How can you tell they’re not hurting each other, when they do this stuff? Hint: the puppy yawns as the kitten chews his leg; the kitten almost falls asleep as the puppy gnaws his ear.

They Play Like Cats & Dogs

They look like they’re trying to murder each other, but nobody ever gets hurt: how do they do that? I mean, really, puppies and kittens do love a rasslin’ match.

My favorite here is the adult cat getting swarmed over by a whole litter of puppies. She doesn’t seem to mind! And neither would I.

Baby and Kitten

What–that cute little chameleon didn’t do it for you? You want something… well, fuzzier?

All right, here’s a baby and a kitten cuddling each other. They’re going to grow up together, although the cat will do it ever so much faster. But what a bond they’ll have!

Thank you, Our Heavenly Father, for creating this. We never would’ve thought of it.

Kittens Hard at Work

But they’re playing, not working. Yeah, but for kittens, their play is their work. Or something like that.

Anyway, life has to go on. Kittens are a nice part of it. Just now I’m all flamed out, all I want is kittens.

I apologize for the goofy music track in the middle of the video.

Adventures in Kittenhood

There’s a first time for everything, for cats as well as people. See the kittens in this video take on all sorts of challenges. I wish I could remember what I thought and felt as a baby, doing all sorts of things for the very first time. I wonder if cats can remember their early kittenhood.

It’s Curtains for Your Curtains

What these three kittens do to this set of curtains shouldn’t happen even to a set of curtains. Makes you wonder about what really happened to Pompeii…

Rumor has it that the person who stood there and filmed this video owns a curtain factory. Another rumor says what the heck, they ain’t his curtains.

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