Kittens Searching for Lost Cities

Well, okay, they didn’t find any! Is that my fault? How many lost cities have you found lately?

Ah, it’s been a long time since we had kittens romping around our living room. When Robbie and Peep discovered they could fluff out their tails and run sideways, they couldn’t get enough of it. They grow out of it, though, so enjoy it while you’ve got it.

Dogs & Kittens (Who’d Have Thought It?)

You’d think kittens would be afraid of great big dogs–but not in this video, they aren’t. Although one of the dogs seems to be afraid of kittens. For shame!

It’s nice to get glimpses into God’s Peaceable Kingdom.

Sleepy Kittens On Hand

Well, my “Picture of Bell Mountain” comes and goes, maybe you’ll see it and maybe you won’t. And I am told my WordPress readership map “Does Not Exist.” So I can only cross my fingers and hope this sleepy kitten video gets past the gremlins.

I’m mostly used to lizards falling asleep in my hand. It means you’ve won their trust. They can’t purr, though…

Not-So-Sleepy Kittens

Hey! You guys! What’s all that noise? You’re supposed to be going to sleep! We want sleepy kittens here!

But what do I know about kittens? We had some born in our apartment, but their mother took care of everything. All we ever had to do was cuddle them.

Brave, Bold Kittens

I should make Robbie watch this. Here’s a kitten who has no fear of thunderstorms; in fact, he wants a closer look at one. But we know a thunderstorm is coming when we see Robbie’s tail poking out from under the bookcase. She doesn’t wait till it gets here to take cover.

Kittens and Free Will

Cats are endowed with free will at a very early age. These little kittens, only 24 days old and still a little shaky on their feet, already understand that just because some human wants to film them “discovering their tails” doesn’t mean that have to do it. Much more fun just to toddle around the room.

Sleepy Little Kittens

We’ve all seen sleepy kittens in real life, haven’t we? So why then would we watch sleepy kittens video? It must be one of those human things. An iguana would never understand it, and a cat would just snicker.

Mommy Cat Takes Kittens for a Walk

I’ve never seen this before–a mother cat taking her kittens outside for a walk. We had kittens born in our living room (only two of them), and their mother never took them out until they were much older than the extremely cute four kittens in this video.

And no, I do not claim that there’s no difference between kittens and stick insects. That kind of confusion could land you a seat on the Supreme Court.

Sleepy Kitties

I usually try to leave yiz with something on the cozy side, and I do understand that alligator videos don’t quite fill the need. So here instead are some sleepy kittens. Repeat after me: “I am getting sleepy… very sleepy… meow…”

Snuggly Kittens

Many years ago, one of the neighborhood cats (everyone around here took care of them) had two kittens in our living room. Well, they’d have to be there for a while; and of course we wound up keeping them.

We never had a bunch of kittens, though–four or more. I wonder what that would’ve been like. We’re probably too old to find out.