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Sanity Break: Kittens and Bunnies

My car’s in the shop, probably for the whole week, with a monster repair bill at the end of it, it’s still raining, and… and… and–

Bunnies and kittens!

God keeps giving us these little glimpses of what He has in store for us, once He finishes repairing all the damage: and it is very, very good.

This is one of those glimpses.

Kittens Need Your Bed

Our kittens were much more interested in the underside of the bed. They disappeared one day. When I finally looked under the bed, suddenly out from the box spring popped the two little upside-down head. They’d found a hole in the fabric, and in they went.

I would have rather they’d frolicked on top of the bed like they do in this video.

And I’ll bet our kittens weren’t the only ones who wanted to get inside the box spring. I don’t see the attraction, myself.

Brave Kittens vs. the Mummy

In fact, the Mummy never appears in this video. The kittens scared him off.

So much energy! It reminds me of the night we brought Buster and Missy home, and soon wound up asking each other, “Are you sure there’s only two of them?”

And then they grow up and want to sleep all the time. Go figure.

Two-Fisted Kittens

Some of these kittens would make but a single mouthful for some of the dogs they choose to attack. How do they know the dogs won’t hurt them? Or are they just too crazy to care?

By the way, this video illustrates a fair number of highly effective martial arts techniques… if you’re a cat or a dog.

From ‘Unknowable’: More Funny Kittens

Our friend “Unknowable” found this superb kitten video for us. See them stalk their prey… See them attack! See them fatzing around like nobody’s business.

If a bunch of kittens can’t put a smile on your face, heaven help you.

Kittens & Curtains

It looks like curtains for these curtains!
I’m doing the cat video now because I won’t have the strength for it by the time supper’s over.I am wiped out from all this computer agida.
I hope nobody spent a lot of money on those curtains.

Sleepy Kittens, Sleepy Pups

I don’t want to hear any more nooze today–do you? How about some little fuzzy faces instead?

Some of these pups, when they fall asleep, they literally do fall. And not always in the most advantageous places.

Kitten Oratory

What are these fuzzy little characters trying so hard to tell us?

I don’t know. My cat, Robbie, knows at least 50 different ways to say “Give me something to eat.” She and her sister, Peep, also excel at pulling wistful little faces. They’ve practiced this a lot over the years and have gotten really good at it.

Kitten vs. Turtle: This Time, It’s Personal…

This reminds me of how my box turtles used to torment our dog, Rags, by strolling around his doghouse and eating his dog food. There was nothing he could do but bark his head off, which didn’t impress the turtles at all. They were box turtles: if he tried to bite them, they could just seal up their shells. Poor Rags, he got quite exasperated.

Here we have a Greek tortoise and… well, a kitten. A kitten who is up for the confrontation. I wouldn’t want to be in that turtle’s shoes.

Attack of the Sleepy Kittens!

It is said of the famous Hittite general, Elmer Arbogast, that whenever he saw sleepy kittens coming his way, he ordered a full retreat. Who can blame him? (Never mind those snarky comments made by certain Assyrian chroniclers.)

Anyway, we dare you–we double-dare you–to stay awake for the duration of this video!

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