Kittens Gear Up for the Matterhorn

Do you want to climb the Matterhorn? Well, this is how you get started–climb around on the furniture, like these kittens are doing. The little black-and-white one has already climbed all the famous peaks that resemble living room furniture.

Cat Acrobats in Training

Our cat Buster used to bounce himself off the wall like a champion. He could’ve turned pro! You wouldn’t believe how high he could jump.

These two kittens have a long way to go (Buster started early)–but they do show promise, don’t they?

Kitten, Bunny, and Bliss

You could go into cuddle overload with these two. I’ve never had a pet rabbit, but I have had a couple of really friendly cats. And a few who weren’t. Can cats and bunnies bond to each other?

Hen Baby-Sits Kittens

A farmyard in Korea got all fowled up when a hen decided to be nanny to a litter of kittens. This hen raised the kittens’ mother–who was still around, but didn’t mind her mommy chicken helping with the kits.

It got complicated; but you’ll see the farmer finally found the solution.

When Your Hen Raises Kittens

Here’s a chicken raising her second generation of… cats! Yes, these three kittens are the offspring of a mother cat who was adopted by this same chicken. The hen’s daughter helps out, but she won’t allow any other chickens into the coop while she’s nestling the kittens.

Domestication does some wonderful things with animals.

Kitten and Ducklings

Sorry! Something distracted me, and I forgot to post it.

What I’d like to know is, Why is it necessary to give this kitten a bath? Were the ducklings supposed to set a good example? None of our cats ever needed a bath. My sister had to give my iguana a bath once, but that’s another story.

Kittens Learning to Walk

These kittens are only three weeks old. Their heads are a little bit too big and their tails a little too small–but they do seem to be picking up walking. I couldn’t walk when I was three weeks old.

Kittens Too Close to the Mirror

A lot of animals get silly over their reflections in a mirror. I had a chameleon who’d go positively postal if he saw it. None of our cats ever showed much interest in his or her reflection. I suppose they were more sophisticated than most.

Kittens Explore Big Dog

There are at least four kittens here (it’s like counting guppies in a fish-tank), and a German shepherd whose plan was probably to take a nap. I was terribly afraid of my Uncle Ferdie’s German shepherd when I was little… until I noticed he hadn’t eaten any of my cousins. The kittens know there’s nothing to fear.

Greedy Kittens

One thing none of our cats or kittens ever did–fight over food. Of course, we never pestered them while they were eating, trying to get ourselves on YouTube. Hint: If you have two kittens, you need two plates of food. It’s just so utopian to expect them to share nicely.