Kitten Heaven

If you see a bowl marching across the floor, pick it up. There’s probably a kitten under it.

All right–let’s see who’s still awake by the time this video is over.

P.S.–The kittens are named after the characters of Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women.

Kittens Launch Unprovoked Attacks on Socks

Here’s a video by someone who has a lot of kittens and fewer socks than she thought she had. Well, we used to put catnip in old socks for our kittens. Now I know we didn’t need the catnip.

Astounding False Fact: Genghis Khan had a bed exactly like the one on this video.

Kittens and Slippers: Avoiding Pandemonium

It’s very important to train kittens to have the right attitude toward slippers. Neglect it at your peril! William Shakespeare (No, not that Shakespeare–the other one) had kittens who hid his slippers on him. You don’t need that kind of exasperation.

Synchronized Kittens

Did these little guys rehearse this? Up and down, back and forth–something’s got their attention, big-time.

Intriguing False Fact: You can get a group of very large monitor lizards to do this, too–just before they eat you.

Kitten Battles Shoes

When Robbie was a kitten, she used to like to carry Patty’s slippers around. We never did find out what she meant to do with them. Peep, meanwhile, liked to chew on shoelaces. Don’t ask me to describe the problems that led to.

Here’s YouTube celebrity Marmalade as a kitten, going all-out against some shoes.

Question: How come “all out” and “all in” mean the same thing?

It’s Curtains for These Curtains

What are those curtains doing on the floor? I wonder what kind of shape they’ll be in if you hang them back up? But this video does prove that kittens go for curtains even if they can’t climb them.

Astounding False Fact: Frederick the Great was terrified of kittens.

Kittens Konking Out

There is a secret martial arts technique of using videos of sleepy kittens to render enemies unconscious. I probably shouldn’t have mentioned it.

I guess if I had a bed like these kittens have, I’d conk out, too.

Shoes for Your Kittens (A Public Service Message)

If you have kittens, you’ve probably been wondering how to get them to sleep in your shoes. Timon of Athens always said they should be left to work it out themselves. Meanwhile, outside, a rooster is crowing. Does that mean it’s time to go to bed? But this is almost certain to happen if you let the kitten stay up all night playing poker.

This Kitten Makes Wrinkles Disappear!

Pardon the headline. I’m just trying to fool the bad guys’ Al Gore Rhythms.

See the kitten’s toy? My cousins used to have a toy like this, an inflatable clown. You’d knock it down and it would spring right back up. My wife calls such a thing a “jo-bo.” The kitten is playing with a jo-bo. I could probably use one, myself.

Kitten Conquers a Work Station

One of the good things about working at home is you get to spend more time with your pets. And they get to walk on your keyboard while you’re using it, after climbing up your leg. Trust me, the guy in this video got off easy. Imagine the trouble if he’d had a parrot, too.