Rabbit to the Rescue

Somehow this kitten got stuck in the bunny’s cage; and the bunny takes up the challenge of getting him out. But how? It’s a tricky proposition when you don’t have hands.

Yes, it takes the bunny four minutes to get the kitten out of the cage. We need not hold our breath waiting for the cat to show its gratitude.

Fierce Bad Kittens

It is said of President Millard Filmore that he, when he wasn’t trying to invent the game of Clue a hundred years before its time, was terrified of kittens and would walk (or pogo-stick) miles out of his way to avoid them.

It must have been kittens like these that he had in mind. You can hardly blame him, can you?

A Tumbly Kitten

Is this little kitten just having a grand old time, or is he genuinely flummoxed by the blanket? Sometimes it’s hard to tell. My cats have outgrown being tumbly–although Robbie will occasionally stage a zoomie to celebrate a particularly edifying visit to the litter box.

Count the Kittens

This reminds me of the first night we brought Buster and Missy home to live with us. Excited kittens! And it wasn’t long before we were asking, “Are you sure there’s just two of them?” So count the kittens in this video! Betcha can’t.

And if these kittens don’t make you smile, better check and make sure you can fog a mirror.

Kitten Won’t Be Buffaloed By Dog

(That just might be the worst headline I’ve ever written.)

The dog, 25 times the size of the kitten, is jealous. He’s excited. But if he thinks this tiny kitten is going to take any guff from him, he’s sadly mistaken. Daddy has his hands full, keeping the dog’s head on straight.

Trampled by Kittens

This is a bug’s-eye view of a whole bunch of kittens charging out of the sun room. If it were a human’s-eye view it wouldn’t be so scary.

These are rescue kittens, kept in the sun room for the night and let out again when the humans get up in the morning.

Please note: If you can accurately give the exact number of the kittens, you will be appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court.


Count the Kittens?

You have 30 seconds in which to count, accurately, the number of kittens appearing in this video. If you’re able to do it–well, then, you’re the one we’re looking for to count the guppies in our fish tank!

Kitty Steals Slippers

Does your cat do this–sneak off with one of your slippers? Our cat Robbie used to love slippers when she was a kitten. She’d carry one like a lion carrying off a gnu. We have her on film, so we can prove it.

The cat in this video wants to sleep with the slipper. Robbie didn’t do that.

Imagine You’re Chasing… What?

I’ve become convinced that animals have imaginations: they can imagine things that aren’t really there. For instance, what’s this kitten chasing? It could be anything–because it’s imaginary.

Beware the Kitten!

If King Kong was a kitten, he’d be this one. He’s got all the moves, forward, backward, and sideways. One feels a compulsion to hide in the cedar chest… although that could turn out badly. Hey, we’ll understand if you can’t watch the whole thing!