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Kittens Who Think They’re Hamsters

WARNING: Hamsters may find this video offensive.

So a hamster ball’s for hamsters, right? Not if the cats get it first!

Watch the action closely. I’ll bet you get dizzy before the kittens do.

P.S.–Our cat Robbie, sans hamster ball, is chasing herself around the bedroom as I type this.

Something to Make You Smile

If this video doesn’t put a smile on your face, I don’t know what will.

My cats were running around like these kittens, this evening, after they had their supper. Don’t you wish you had that kind of energy? People would enjoy life more if they chased each other around and under tables, don’t you think?

Sanity Break: Sliding Cats

Watch cats try to figure out how to cope with these weird alien artifacts that humans insist on putting into their world–in this case, sliding boards. Ever wonder what it would be like, to live in a culture designed by and for cats? But then, how bad could it be? We might not want to come back.

Play Is Serious Business

I wasn’t going to post this, but the serious, solemn expression on this kitten’s face won me over. She is pondering some weighty matters, even while chasing her ball around. I’m not sure I want to know what she’s thinking about. But please feel free to hazard guesses.

Kittens and Boxes, Perfect Together

Thank you all for sticking with me today, even when I didn’t manage to do much reporting. Tomorrow, Lord willing, all will be back to normal.

Having dined on White Castles, I’m about to go lie down in bed and read some of Dorothy L. Sayres’ Murder Must Advertise. But first a sanity break–kittens finding their fun in cardboard boxes.

Ferocious Scary Kitten!

Well, all right, maybe not that scary–but certainly pumped up to give that hanging label the what-for. These cuddly little critters were born to hunt: God created them that way. But He also made them cuddly–for which we give thanks.

God’s stuff–always good for us.

Kitten vs. Sewing Machine

Cats have the intelligence to be curious. They are also nosy. No lizard I’ve ever known would show the slightest interest in a sewing machine; but this cat has to find out all about it! You wonder what he’s thinking as he struggles to stand on top of the sewing machine. But we’ll never know.

Not the Right Way to Clean Cats

It’s hard to think of anything that would appeal to a cat more than a washing machine. These two kittens, when they get older and more experienced, and have seen more of the world, will someday realize that now, inside the washing machine, they will be able to do that cool thing they’ve seen mice and hamsters doing on an exercise wheel.

And your clothes will come out full of cat hair.

More Sleepy Kittens

Admittedly this isn’t the most exciting video you’ll ever see, but it does teach an important lesson. Important to whom, don’t ask. And the lesson is: cats can sleep anytime, anywhere, and in any position.

Our cat Peep likes to sleep face-down. How she breathes is something of a mystery. I defy any human to duplicate the feat.

Video Treat: Fun with Kittens

Well, my WordPress prombles are just about all straightened out, although it took a lot of doing. I was fortunate in finding a very patient tech support guy. He had to be patient: my computer vocabulary is not much better than a cat’s.

Anyhow, there are some gorgeous kittens in this little video, including a couple who have just learned, “Hey, I can make my tail get puffy!” Cats are so funny when they first figure that out.

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