Pit Bull Dotes on Kitten

I don’t want to hear that stuff about big bad savage pit bulls. Look at this great big dog playing so gently with the little tiny kitten. In fact, we’ve had this very thing in our own family: Georgia’s pit bull stepping up as a mommy to their rescue kitten.

If only we could learn to be good as easily as dogs and cats learn to be good…

No Humans Allowed on This Bed!

“Think big!” is always enticing advice, even if you’re just a kitten. This little character has laid claim to a whole bed–a claim which he backs up by running sideways and puffing his tail. He hasn’t yet quite mastered Puffy Tail technique, but he’s sure to get it in another few days.

Amazing False Fact: The Carthaginian army used to run sideways to freak out the Romans.

Kittens Bugging Dogs

This quiz is multiple-choice. Ready?

*These little kittens know the big dogs won’t hurt them because…

a) they’re crazy                                       c) the nice human promised them they wouldn’t

b) they don’t know; they’re just lucky     d) the know the dogs are nice

A Kitten Conks Out

This little white fluffy character just can’t stay awake. What he wants to stay awake for can only be conjectured. But one thing can be known for sure: if you’re a kitten and you fall asleep, it’s only a matter of seconds before another kitten wakes you.

One Fierce Kitten

What did they put in this little kitten’s pacifier? Whatever it is, it sure ain’t pacifyin’ him!

Personally, I don’t believe cats need any help from humans when it comes to being assertive. If you were a click beetle or a moth, I’m sure you’d agree.

A Kitten’s Tale of a Tail

If courage and determination count for anything, this kitten’s going to go places. Like, to the vet’s.

Here’s a question for you. Do dogs wag their tails on purpose, or is it something that they just can’t help doing when they’re happy?

Maybe that’s what the kitten’s trying to find out.

These Kittens Will Generate 100 Views!

You just see if they don’t! Dude, this is one of the all-time great playful kitten videos, surely the one the world’s been waiting for! Rave to your friends about it. And learn why it’s really hard to take a nap if there’s a kitten who insists on playing with your face–

Whoa! Stop the presses! Would you believe it? I just got a view from Burkina Faso, which used to be Upper Volta, when I was in high school. It’s capital is still Ouagadugu! I mean, who expects his blog to get a hit from Burkina Faso? Is Maurice Yameogo still the president–or would that make him, like, 120 years old?

Things can’t help but get better from here.

High-Performance Kittens

Look at all that energy! I think there are four kittens in this video, but it’s kind of hard to be sure because there’s a mirror in the room and the kittens are constantly in motion–so it’s like trying to count the guppies in the fish tank at the pet store. I don’t know if any of you have ever tried to do that; but if you have, I’d be very interested to know why.

The Kittens’ Den

If they’d thrown Daniel in with this bunch instead of the lions, he wouldn’t have gotten a wink of sleep.

With our cats, Robbie purrs at the drop of a hat, but Peep you’ve got to work on. These kittens have already mastered the art of purring.

Ferocious Kittens

Genuine False Fact (impress your friends!): In 1958 the entire village of Smedlyburg, Manchuria, was wiped out by killer kittens, just like the ones on this video.

Don’t watch this if you’ve got a dodgy ticker. When I say fierce bad kittens, I mean fierce bad kittens. You could faint.