Is the CIA Out of Control?

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Sun Tzu said a general or a ruler who refuses to use secret agents is inhuman. All right–in the minefield of international relations, war, and politics, you need inside information so you can make the right decisions.

But I’m also thinking of a quote by George Washington: “Observe good faith and justice toward all nations.”

What with our Central Intelligence Agency and other intel agencies scrambling to try to undermine our president, they seem to have been too busy to see to their own security. So now Wikileaks is about to unload more than 8,700 confidential U.S. intelligence documents–which show, among other things, that the CIA actively meddled in the 2012 national elections in France ( ). Was that good faith and justice toward France?

The documents also reveal the CIA’s “covert hacking program,” directed at many targets. You name it, they’ve hacked it.

Two troubling questions arise.

First, is our national intelligence apparatus secure? Doesn’t look it. And that could certainly wind up threatening our national security.

But second, do we now have a CIA that does whatever it freakin’ well pleases, with no accountability to the nation it’s supposed to serve? I don’t know which is worse: an intelligence agency that can’t keep its secrets, or a rogue intelligence agency that pursues its own agenda.

The president and Congress, both of them, have got to see to this. It isn’t safe, and it isn’t right.

3 comments on “Is the CIA Out of Control?

  1. Soo.. let me get this straight…. the entire intelligence community.. meaning many thousands of professional career people who have served inside many administrations… have adopted some liberal idealism that includes being “enemies” to Trump to the point they want to see Trump removed?
    One question… you and the ultra-right conservative websites are the only one’s with proof of all this happening?
    Trump already sounds Nixonian in his mental aberrations.. and this surely confirms it.

  2. Ultimately, it comes down to accountability, not only to the president or congress, but to the citizens of the nation. If they CIA is being hacked, that’s a big problem for everyone. Suppose we were back in WW II and 8,700 documents from the OSS were made public, that would be catastrophic.

    The issue here goes beyond politics, it is one of character and loyalty. The moral character of this nation and probably virtually every nation, has dropped to such low levels that there is no accountability, no loyalty and no decency.

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