Sanity Break: Your Pet Mouse Loves You

It’s a grey, dreary, drizzly day today; and as I enjoyed my cigar outside, I thought of a pet I had many years ago. A mouse.

Her name was Sleepy, and she was about the lovingest little creature you ever saw. Her babies took advantage of her, mobbing her for nursing well after they were too big to need it anymore. She used to climb up onto the water bottle and chatter at them.

I used to take her downstairs, lie down on the floor, and let her run around the living room. She would run a little ways and then run back to me, a little farther each time, until she finally made it to the wall–but always back to Daddy. I took it as a lesson in prayer: make a lot of little prayers during the course of the day, just to maintain my connection to my Father in Heaven.

Mice make wonderful pets, they’re incredibly intelligent; but I don’t keep them anymore because we have two cats. Besides which, a mouse will only live for two years or so, and it breaks your heart to lose one.

True, wild mice invading your granary, that’s not good. But God has also created them with loving hearts–and that’s another thing we never would have thought of, in His place.

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  1. That was the best thing that has happened all day. You’re right, the Creator gave these little creatures amazing degrees of intelligence and loving little hearts. I used to have hamsters and found them very enjoyable little critters. A hamster running on its wheel brings an extra bit of life into any room.

    Sometimes, if I think too deeply about it, the thought of animals and their innocence can bring tears to my eyes, as is happening right now. Animals didn’t sin, they didn’t fall from God’s standards, but they sure seem to bear the brunt of our sinful state.

    Tonight, when I walk into the house, I will hear a meow and the source of that meow will expect a reply from me. It’s one of the best things I experience, because I know that little cat cares for me, without one shred of guile. The love and affection of animals is one of life’s best things.

  2. When we see something beautiful and heartwarming, we are seeing attributes of our Creator as they are manifest in His creation. It all came from Him.

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