You Can’t Keep a Bad Kitten Down

So you’re an adult cat, and you want to enjoy a nice nap on the humans’ bed. Only you’re one of those cats whose tail keeps twitching, see–you can’t help it. And there’s this kitten who just can’t leave your tail alone–or the rest of you, either. She jumps on your belly just as you’re about to enter Dreamland. You whack her upside the head a few times, but she keeps coming back for more. What do you do?

Hint: if you wind up on your feet with a frowny face and a puffy tail, you’ve lost the battle.

3 comments on “You Can’t Keep a Bad Kitten Down

  1. That little one was pretty feisty. But then again, who can resist a flicking tail?

    My old tomcat used to wrestle with a friend’s Pomeranian, which was about the same size. They’d wrestle for 30 minutes at a time, never once so much as nicking one another with a tooth or claw. Then I brought home my little female cat, whom had live as a stray. When she saw my other cat and that dog wrestling she was beside herself. Shed come over to me a holler, pointing out the abomination taking place right before our eyes. She just couldn’t fathom that a cat and a dog could play-fight.

  2. the kitten thinks the big cat is waving its tail as a signal that it wants to play.
    Who can blame it?

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