More Snow’s on the Way

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Thanks to the government snatching an hour from us, I find myself, on this first day of Daylight Savings, running slow, running tired, and running late. Why do they do this to us every year?

Now I’ve got to go outside–it’s about 25 degrees, just now–and scrape and chip the ice off my car before it starts snowing again. Our forecast calls for beaucoup snow over the next 48 hours. Dig that Global Warming!

Is there any truth to the rumor that Climbit Scientists are banding together to form the Mary Toft Society? Named for the 18th century serving-lass who convinced a passel of learned doctors that she had given birth to rabbits (see yesterday’s post on that edifying subject), the society plans to advocate for bigger, stricter, and more comprehensive government controls on every aspect of human life which could conceivably affect the climate–in short, on every aspect of human life, period.

Aw, to hell with them! Literally, I guess. The earth is the Lord’s, not theirs. He is the sole proprietor, and His word shall stand. His word, not theirs.

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  1. The climate change power grab is probably the most dangerous thing to happen in the history of government. Remember, there was a global storm just over 4,000 years ago which, apparently, altered the climate profoundly. The Ice Age was a reaction to that storm and I believe that we are in the shank of a long-term warming trend as measured from the Ice Age, but even that is a very slow process, and not human-influenced.

    All that having been said, there are few advantages to living in the Sonoran Desert of SE Arizona, but spring has sprung on the desert. It was 91 degrees on Friday and yesterday, we had outdoor band practice up in the city and it was hot enough out in the Sun to be unpleasant. Three weeks ago my furnace acted up and I was locked in my bedroom with a space heater, now it’s T-shirt weather.

    I hate DST! The Dems have expanded it to most of the year and, because AZ does not comply, were are offset from the rest of our time zone by one hour for most of the year. That gets old in a hurry. During DST, if I have to deal with vendors on the east coast, I have to do it before the local lunch hour, or they’ll be at the end of their workday when I call.

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