Prayer Request: Mary

I like to relax by playing Pogo games, online, on the Pogo site: and I request your prayers for one of the players, my friend Mary, who was taken to the hospital the other day after she fell and was unconscious for several hours. None of us knows exactly what’s wrong, because she lives alone and hasn’t been able to return to her computer to tell us.

I know it’s only a game site, but when you play with the same people every day, you get attached to them. So please join me in prayer for Mary.

O Father in Heaven, please come swiftly to help Mary, and heal her, and enable her to come home from the hospital. She has an assortment of health problems, and she needs her Shepherd. O Lord our God, in Jesus’ name, please deliver this woman out of trouble. Amen.

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  1. Lee, I’ve just said a prayer for your Pogo game friend. Websites and games bring people together in a way that’s different from earlier forms of meeting. I’ve “met” so many interesting people via the internet that I know I’d never meet otherwise. Take your blog, for example. I feel a connection with the people who comment here, like friends sitting with coffee cups in hand and discussing the hot topics you present.

    1. I expect she’ll be in the hospital for a while, and don’t know when she’ll get back to her computer. But I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for her messages.

  2. Your friend Mary will be in my prayers, Lee. I played Pogo games for years and met some very nice people there – two of whom have become wonderful friends. We now telephone and email each other. I agree with Marge about your blog, too. It does feel like we’re all friends sharing over coffee. You’ve made a wonderful welcoming home here for us all.

    1. Thanks, Linda, and thank you, Marge–it makes me glad to hear you say that. Well, all right, I didn’t actually hear anything… but who’s going to get picky?

  3. I will add her to my prayer list, also. This is what being members of the family of the Lord is all about. I do pray she will be up and back to her
    usual activies very soon, with the strength of the Lord under-girding her.

  4. Father in heaven I lift up my sister Mary to you and restore her, heal her and show her mercy In the Name of Jesus Christ Amen.

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