How Cats Teach Humans to Talk

Notice, in these videos, that the brighter humans have begun to pick up a little bit of cat vocabulary and are now able to make sensible responses to feline conversational openings. No wonder their cats are proud of them. It saves a cat having to interpret a lot of the silly vocalizations we humans make–although “Is it time for yum-yums?” never seems all that silly to any hungry cat.

One comment on “How Cats Teach Humans to Talk”

  1. My little cat and I are known to have some extended conversations, at times. She’s a good “talker” and holds up her end of things quite well. I have learned to decode some of her vocalizations; there’s a difference between the “welcome home” meow and the “my bowl is empty” meow. There’s also a “I’m ready for my evening chicken treat” meow that lacks the tragic inflection of the “my bowl is empty” meow.

    The most endearing, however, is when she opens her mouth but makes such a slight sound that it’s almost a soft exhalation. That happens when all is well and she’s trying to express that her world is perfect at that very moment.

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