Turkey Boss Calls Nazi Victims ‘Nazis’

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Y’know how, if you say or do or believe anything a liberal doesn’t like, that makes you “a nazi”? Well, that fad has gone international: Turkish big shot Biff (or whatever his name is) Erdogan has called the people of the Netherlands “nazis” and their country “the capital of fascism” because they won’t let him use their country as a base for his political rallies ( https://www.yahoo.com/news/erdogan-warns-netherlands-ministers-expulsion-002144705.html ).

Quick history quiz. 1) During 1940, which country’s defenseless cities did the Luftwaffe bomb into smoking ruins, Holland’s or Turkey’s? 2) During World War II, which country openly sympathized with the Third Reich, the Netherlands or Turkey? I realize this will be very difficult for recent college graduates, but I can’t help that.

They’re gonna have a vote, next month, on a new constitution in Turkey, and Turkish citizens living in Europe will be allowed to vote in this election. Erdogan’s government wants to organize political rallies on European soil, and the Dutch don’t want him doing it in their country. That makes them “nazis.” You know–followers of Adolf Hitler, tried to murder all the Jews in Europe, invaded Russia, etc.

Ol’ Biff has developed a real penchant for trying to involve himself in the internal workings of European countries. Biff, you gotta wait until they actually surrender to Turkey before you can do that. Can’t you bide your time for just a few more years?

John Sobieski, we need you now…

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6 responses to “Turkey Boss Calls Nazi Victims ‘Nazis’

  • UnKnowable

    I am beginning to think that Turkey is about to become a very key player in world events. Around 100 years ago, Mustafa Kemal who held the title of Ataturk, realized that the Islamic world was falling behind the western world and that they needed to have a secular government which was not ruled by Islam. Thereafter, they developed a form of Islam known as Kemalism, which was designed to be more compatible with the modern era. Thus ended the Ottoman Caliphate.

    Since then, Turkey prospered and became as much a part of Europe as it was a part of the Middle East. The version of Islam which allowed this was carried forward by Fethullah Gulen and his followers. Erdogan appears to be very western on the surface, but he apparently is an Islamist through and through. The coup of 7/15/2016 resulted in a purging of thousands of moderates and rid the nation of Gulen’s influence to a great degree. Most importantly, the constitutional safeguards in place to prevent a caliphate from being formed were removed in the aftermath of the coup.

    There are murmurs within Turkey of reviving the caliphate and reviving the Ottoman Empire. Joel Richardson has researched this and written extensively regarding the subject, including his opinions of how this ties in with prophecies in Daniel. While I am not giving Richardson a blanket endorsement, I find his take on all of this quite interesting.

    FWIW, the rallies Erdogan holds within Turkey are said to be massive events that some observers have described as reminiscent of the Nuremberg rallies in ’30s Germany. I’ve seen video clips, and they appear to be exceptionally large. Apparently many within the Muslim population of Turkey are expecting a restored caliphate and the public appearance of the Mahdi, the Islamic messianic figure.

    BTW, the Turks even have a fellow who would be glad to serve as the Mahdi. Adnan Oktar is a Turkish media star, complete with his own cable channel. While any self-respecting Mahdi candidate cannot actually claim to be the Mahdi, Oktar is quite glad to explain all of the ways in which he fits the description. He also has female adherents whose he calls “kittens”, young women who’s faces are altered by plastic surgery and whom wear makeup in quantities that would make Tammy Faye Bakker wince.

    There’s quite a circus going on over there, about now. Nothing would surprise me.


  • UnKnowable

    What I find most frightening, is that a lot of seemingly educated people have no idea whatsoever that these things occurred. If Turkey rises and postures itself as a moderating force in the face of radical Islam, there will be all sorts of sycophants hanging on their every word and supporting their cause earth wide.


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