Is My Facebook on the Fritz?

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Puzzled by the unusually slow traffic on this blog today, this evening I discovered that my Facebook connection had become undone again. I have no idea why that happens. The 2 referrals from Facebook, instead of 20 or so, should’ve been a clue.

Anyway, I think I have restored the connection: followed the instructions, at any rate. It says it’s restored–but you know how computers lie. It also says I’ve still got only 2 referrals from Facebook.

I will know I’ve corrected the problem if more referrals come in. Unfortunately, I understand so little of this stuff, I don’t even know how to frame a question asking for help. If any of you are psychic, and able to get here via Facebook, please do so. If I see the number change, then I can rest easy about it. Otherwise, I’m all at sea.


8 comments on “Is My Facebook on the Fritz?

  1. Don’t look at me, I am at a loss as well. Facebook makes me so frustrated, I am about to chuck it. I had a little Mac Mini that worked perfectly, and I could do anything with it. It died a sudden death, and now
    I am using my son’s Dell with an “outdated browser” and it messes with me
    constantly. He is going to buy a new one soon, until then I’m messed up.
    Hope you can get yours going.

    1. Just curious Erlene, how did you like the Mac Mini? I’m thinking about getting one.

  2. I don’t even know how to use Facebook – or understand it. All I do is “share” articles by clicking on the FB icon, but never see the article posted on my account. How do I get to you via your Facebook? Please advise and I will do it, in light of this article. I “follow” you on Twitter.

    1. Here’s what my wife says to do. 1. Go to Facebook (your own page, if you have one). 2. Type “Lee Duigon” into the search bar at the top of the page. If that doesn’t work, type in “Pat Duigon.” 3. Once you get to our page, you’ll see links to articles posted on this blog; just click the one you want.

      Or… Just do a search for “Lee Duigon Facebook” or “Pat Duigon Facebook,” and our page should come up.

      Please let me know how you make out with this; and thanks for following on Twitter. My friend Lisa handles by Twitter page, so nothing ever goes wrong with it.

    2. Marlene, your first message, asking for instructions, was two weeks ago, so I have no way of knowing whether it worked or not. But if you tried it yesterday or today, my stats page shows no FB referrals.

      I have come to suspect this is a WordPress problem and not a Facebook problem–because suddenly last week my referrals from Newswithviews also went extinct.

      But just try communicating with WordPress!

  3. I don’t do Facebook at all — don’t even have an account. I found a link to your wonderful blog in an article you posted at Now I have you bookmarked.

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