The Lonely Cat

Will somebody please play with this poor cat, before he has a conniption? Who knew a cat could get this upset if you leave him alone in the house? Our cat Peep doesn’t like to be the only one in a room, and will summon us to join her. You know–like, “Hey, humans, get up out of bed and come back down here to the living room!” She’ll even settle for her sister’s company, if that’s all she can get.

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4 comments on “The Lonely Cat

  1. Joe Collidge would tell us: “Cats “are” salutary animals and don’t need none other animals around two bee happpy”, but I disagree. That cat seemed quite lonely. My cat complains whenever I leave and greets me when I come home. I cannot enter or leave the house without her commenting on my coming and going. BTW, when she heard the audio portion of this video, she came over and comforted me, using time-honored methods of feline caregiving. She didn’t notice the video on the iPad, although she sometimes does take note of such things, but she knew that someone needed a bit of attention and I was the only creature she could find.

    My little cat seems to really hate it when I leave her alone. I have actually paid to have someone drop over and give her attention when I’m out of town. She seems to sleep a lot when I’m away. I feel sorry for animals that have to spend a lot of time alone. Our modern world is very prosperous and busy, but it’s far too lonely for man and beast.

    1. Cat videos have gotten me in plenty of trouble with my little cat, over the years. She hears something in those meows that obviously triggers some deep instincts.

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