Why Do Liberal Soreheads Visit This Blog?

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A reader took sharp exception to my March 16 post, “Are We Too Old to Appreciate Cool Fashions?” and has since taken even sharper exception to everything else she has found on this blog. I wonder if someone has taken away her Play-Doh.

Her thinking, such as it is, leads her to conclude that I, personally, physically attack people whom I perceive as being divergent from my own point of view: “And I’m sure you would have beaten up anybody who was different from you.” Actually it’s the leftids and the college “students” who are doing that, these days.

My thoughts, she says, are “dusty.” My writing is just a lot of “elderly and cliched comments.” She doesn’t much care for you, my readers, either, characterizing you as “poor old people who have no real concept of modern life.” Ooh! That was the most unkindest cut of all! Nor does she like the “stupid cat videos” I post here.

I’m not even a good fantasy writer, but only a “crotchety elderly man who knows nothing of literary fantasy more modern than C.S. Lewis.” And as for you, dear readers, “You are all old fogeys.”

Feel the love.

She does remark that she isn’t trolling. Gee, you could’ve fooled me.

I hardly feel it’s necessary to answer any of this sad, angry, Calibanesque twaddle. But I can’t help wondering why such an  unhappy individual would spend any time here at all, among people and content she detests. And do I really need to point out that the chronological age of any decently-executed fantasy is totally irrelevant?

Betcha anything she voted for Hillary.

So first we’re all deplorables, and now we’re all old fogeys. Wear those badges proudly, folks. If the people who gave you those labels were to esteem you, you could be pretty sure you have been doing something very wrong.

15 comments on “Why Do Liberal Soreheads Visit This Blog?

    1. I would be desolated, to be rendered as stupid as a computer.

      Still flummoxed by the time change, I now have to somehow write my newswithviews column, which I forgot to do yesterday. I gotta do that before I can address this issue–thanks for the tip, I’ll get to it when I can.

      And my thanks to those of you who have stuck up for this blog.

      I was pretty sure you liked those cat videos!

    2. And thank you, kind sir, for making such a welcoming place for us to gather and share 🙂

  1. On one point I must agree, I “no real concept of modern life”. I have no concept of a world wherein only a select few can make a living and support a family. I have no concept of a world wherein people in Venezuela are reliant upon face recognition software to obtain toilet paper. I have no concept of a world wherein wars rage on in places like Syria, making refugees of numerous innocent people. I have no concept of a world wherein youngsters are exposed to sexual imagery in their entertainment and pressured toward sexual maturity before adulthood.

    I could go on and on, but the bottom line is this; I believe that I have an very accurate concept of modern life and it’s not a positive opinion. The world of today claims to offer great freedom and prosperity (for some), but it is an unsustainable, decaying, morass of corruption and misery.

    1. Try wind-up toys 🙂 We gave some to our little granddaughter and she’s having a ball with them! Remember those everyone?

  2. I fully agree with all of you. It is a (current) world that I have no fellowship with. It is all orchestrated by satan, and he has no part in me. Psalm 101
    is a good reminder. I do enjoy this blog and your articles on NWV. Don’t pay any attention to sore heads. You would be amazed at the hateful things some of them write to me about my articles, etc. I just chuckle and
    carry on.

    1. Erlene,

      You are a true source of encouragement and inspiration. Thanks for reminding me of Psalm 101.

      As I see it, we are at the moment of truth. The world system of our day is the culmination of mankind’s rule under Satan’s misdirection. I don’t need to elaborate upon the effects, we can see these all around.

      The other side of this issue is rulership under the authority of God Himself. We can see that people living a Godly life are the beneficiaries of blessings with regard to peace of mind and that families can thrive emotionally, if they are all in submission to God. These are mere foregleams of how things will be in general, under the Kingdom of God.

      So it could be summed up as an investment scenario. Do we want to invest in a system that is failing all around us, or do we want to put our trust in the promises of God?

  3. I suspect that people like her are basically looking for a place to vent their general unhappiness.

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