Still No Facebook!

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By all indications I can discover, this blog is properly connected to Facebook. But now I’m on my third day with no referrals from Facebook–a loss of 10 to 20% of my traffic.

Even my webmaster couldn’t find anything wrong, and I was sure that if anyone would know how to straighten it out, she would.

We were on our way to a record month here, before this happened.

P.S.–Some good news, at least: the Kindle edition of The Throne (Book 9 of my Bell Mountain series) came out like gangbusters yesterday and is still in’s Top 100 Science Fiction books this morning, even though it isn’t science fiction. Not bad for a crotchety elderly man who doesn’t know anything about fantasy.

5 comments on “Still No Facebook!

  1. I have tried to find your facebook account, but can’t. I did come up with some links to News with Views articles. I know one other time when you were having problems with connections from fb that I found your fb page and the link took me to your blog. Not being able to even locate your fb page is a puzzle.

    1. Connie, that’s because we have only the one Facebook page, and it’s in my wife’s name, not mine. If you search “Pat Duigon Facebook,” you should be able to find it right away.

  2. I think it’s the one who called you crotchety and elderly who’s having a problem with fantasy — or, rather, with reality. 🙂 And considering that I’m older than you, rest assured that I view you as a mere stripling. 🙂

    I’ve put your first two Bell Mountain books on my Amazon wish list. But alas, one of the things that I give up for Lent every year is buying books, CDs, and online gourmet food. (Sigh.) So I must wait until after Easter.

  3. I’m scratching my head – befuddled. I sent a link yesterday. Facebook
    has me messed up a lot of the time, too, so I don’t know.

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