Plumbing the Depths

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I am by no means a handyman. Don’t even think about calling me to fix something. But our bathroom sink was clogged, and over the years, I’ve learned how to do this particular job. I did it, and that’s why I’m running late this morning.

It makes me happy to be able to accomplish something. I mean, this is Day 5 of trying in vain to sort out my inexplicable loss of referrals from Facebook–but now at least my drainpipe works!

There’s something I very much want to write about today, but due to massive Global Warming forecast for tomorrow, in the form of snow and sleet and freezing rain, we will try to do our weekend’s grocery shopping today instead of tomorrow.

Meanwhile–hey, join in the fun, and try to get here from your own Facebook page! You can even take that Hank Williams song and share it with your Facebook friends. I’d like to see what happens as a result.

5 comments on “Plumbing the Depths

  1. Congratulations Lee! Tomorrow we’re supposed to be 50 degrees and rain. By the way, don’t forget they’ve changed the terminology. Since their ‘global warming’ has been debunked, they’re now raising the ‘climate change’ banner – as if the climate doesn’t change constantly lol.

    Also, I’m 69 today and I’d like to request the same hymn I believe I requested last year on my birthday (posting tomorrow would be great): ‘Praise The Lord’ by Chris Christian.

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