High-Energy Kittens

We once went fishing, and for bait, bought a sackful of little crabs. The rest of the day we spent trying to keep the crabs in the sack. I don’t think we managed to do much fishing.

When we brought home our Buster and Missy as kittens, and they had a whole new home with new people to explore, they just plain wore us out! “Are there really only two of them?” Patty cried. “They’re like the little crabs in the bag!” I added.

Well, healthy kittens gotta let off steam. And I ought to offer a prize to anyone who can accurately count the kittens in this video–any more than I could count the crabs in the bad.

2 comments on “High-Energy Kittens

  1. oh if only I could summon up that level of energy- I could really accomplish something. I could never be as cute as these kittens, but, hey, just getting through the day without wilting would be enough.

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