Cat Joie de Vivre

This kitten’s name is Pikachu, which is Middle Hittite for “who %$#@#ed with my curtains!?” Seriously, though–well, actually this is not the best opportunity to be serious. Let’s just have fun. Cats know that much!

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  1. LOL, this one, I can definitely relate to. In a former home, my bedroom had very similar curtains, and my cat did likewise. No amount of scolding ever convinced him that those curtains were not put there for the express purpose of hiding, pulling, or climbing.

  2. One of my kitties thought it would be a great idea to climb the shower curtain and use the shower rod for a tightrope 🙂

    1. Lol. Once I was satisfied she wouldn’t fall, all I could do was laugh 🙂

    2. . . . and they’re smart enough (usually) to assess the situation first – although sometimes their curiosity and daring get the best of them 🙂 Cats are the ‘awesome-est’

    3. That’s the thing. They are amazingly tough and usually come away unscathed, but they sure get themselves into some fixes.

    4. When my iguana was little, I always let him climb the curtains, and even spend the night on the curtains by my bed. He soon learned to return to the cage when he had to do his business. Years later, in a fit of nostalgia, he tried to climb the living room curtains in this apartment, and proved to be much too heavy for them. I’ll swear he was embarrassed. He left these curtains alone afterward.

      I sometimes wish my cats learned things as efficiently as he did.

  3. That’s pretty funny Lee, an embarrassed iguana.

    When I was 19, I had a mobile home, which means that there was a gap under the doors for cold air return. I had a tiny little kitten and it used to run the length of the place ducking under the door to the front bedroom. I left the door open for a couple of weeks and the next time I closed it the poor little kitty smacked her head.

    At the time, I laughed, but in retrospect it wasn’t all that funny.

    1. There are a lot of cat videos that I don’t post because they get laughs with something not very nice happening to the cat.

      My iguana was uninjured, but the curtain wasn’t.

    2. I appreciate that you do that, Lee. When I got the notification of your post I was talking to my little cat and telling her what a good little animal she is. The thought behind that is the fact that the animal kingdom is pure and honest, without deceit or sin. Animals are the closest glimpse we can get to the way our Creator intended life to be. I certainly don’t want to see anything bad happen to any of God’s creatures.

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