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(Worships the creation, not the Creator)

So far, the biggest dope in America today is Michael Moore, who says President Donald Trump has actually caused “the extinction of human life on earth” by signing an executive order to undo some of President *Batteries Not Included’s Climbit Change regulations ( ).

Moore warned darkly that The Planet itself–it seems he views it as a kind of deity–is “paying attention” to current events and will take action on its own to get rid of a species–mankind–that’s “hell-bent on destroying Earth.”

President Trump said his executive order gets rid of bad, unnecessary, job-killing regulations and puts an end to the previous administration’s “war on coal.”

Moore calls upon his fellow left-wing nitwits to “resist.” You know–like Trump’s the Nazis and they’re the French Resistance, bravely singing La Marseilles as they face the SS firing squad… Oh, please.

But don’t worry, Michael. Some other idol-worshiping left-wing pagan is sure to come along and be a bigger dope than you.

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  1. It’s all about worship. We can worship the Ultimate Creator, or we can worship so,etching He created. His stance on the matter was clearly stated in the first commandment given to Moses.

    Once you leave the worship of the One Living & True God, you must find a substitute. IMO, this explains much of the social phenomena of our day.

  2. Don’t you just love the preaching from the biggest carbon footprinters on the planet with their private jets, huge air conditioners, huge SUVs etc.? Now we have an extinction event called Donald Trump? Oh for goodness sake!

  3. Yes, it explains a lot. The first chapter of Romans tells us clearly that there would be those who worship the creation instead of the Creator.
    I often wonder what these poor fools will do when it all comes crashing down and money no longer helps, nobody except God’s people have any answers.

    1. As I see it, people are making a choice. This fallen world amounts to slavery; slavery to sin, slavery to an oppressive economic system, slavery to an education system that teaches us to conform to our slavemasters.

      Many people appease this system and seek to better their place in it. Such persons have no need for the Kingdom of God, they have chosen the false hopes of this fallen world instead.

      One interesting effect of this is that there are people becoming disillusioned with the never ending demands of this fallen world and are realizing that there is something better. People are turning away from this foolishness and placing their hope in a much more secure future, placing their trust in a Creator.

      In the meantime, those who’s only hope is in the present arrangement are upping their game. Their rhetoric is ever more shrill, their warnings have become more and more dire, to the point of ridiculousness.

  4. And let’s not give short shrift to demonic influence and activity. There will be scoffers who say there’s no such thing, thereby playing right into the hands of the very same demons!

    1. If you reject the Creator, there are plenty of demons more than willing to accept your arrention and devotion. If you play into them, they will be even happier to inspire you to their way of thinking. Anything that detracts from the Creator is fine by them.

    1. The forces which oppose Christianity are in full battle mode, at this point. They think that they’ve declared war on a bunch of Christians, but they may find themselves fighting a much more formidable foe in the form of the Creator, himself.

    2. Nothing much good can happen to America until the universities are cut down to size. Start with a 90% cut and work from there.

  5. At this point, I think that the public education system has outlived its usefulness. Children should be taught the basics or reading, writing and math by family members. If there’s no one in the family capable of doing so, then the true worth of the public school system has been proven. If they couldn’t educate the last generation they certainly aren’t going to do any better with the next.

    Once a child learns to read, write and perform math, then they can be availed further, more focused education, but not by a system that is obviously no longer functioning. We can do better by our children, and we must.

    1. School simply couldn’t teach me how to add a column of numbers, I just didn’t get it–but my father could. Only took him one session, too.

    2. Before I say anything else, I will gladly acknowledge that there are some great people in the school system and I appreciate the efforts some of my teachers expended. These were, however, in the minority.

      That’s the problem with one-size-fits-all education. I learned to read in the first few weeks of first grade. By the end of first grade I was reading well enough to meet my needs for the rest of grade school, but I still had to sit through those classes.

      My handwriting, however, was poor and all the belittlement and berating in the world did nothing to help. Had they actually been interested in teaching me something useful, instead of calling me lazy and stupid because of my penmanship, they should have taught me to type, and done so early on. That would have served me to this day, but I was told that I had to with for High School before they could teach me that.

      Math was easy for me, but the asinine way they taught algebra struck me as useless. Once I could apply it to real world problems I found out that algebra was easy for me as well, but the school system was of no help whatsoever in that matter.

      At this point, the school system has dwindled and in many places it is simply an employment program for people that want a steady job and nothing else. More than once, I have heard it said that teaching “is a good life”, which leads me to think that persons whom view it as such are more interested in their lifestyle than in the actual work they do.

      I once told a professional teacher that I feel the schools gave me about 2 years worth of actual education spread over 12 years and he thought that I got more out of it than most people. By my reckoning, that amounts to 16.66% efficiency, which is to say quite poor. If I could reclaim those lost ten years I could put them to much better use than the school system ever did.

      The answer to this is the same as the answer to the media: quit using their product. If people home school and use the resources of friends and family to teach their children they can accomplish everything they need to in far less time. I’ve had at least two nephews that were home schooled and the most amazing thing was how little time it took. They could learn a year’s worth of information in the blink of an eye, because they were able to work at their own pace and were not distracted by classroom disruptions.

      Somehow, I think I would have been better off not being exposed to the armpit flatulence sounds of others while I was trying to learn. 🙂

    3. Here’s something I learned as a teacher. If you care about the job, it will break your heart. If you don’t care, it’s a piece of cake.

    4. I find that shockingly easy to believe. I’ve spoken to retired teachers and gotten the same impression.

      The reasons the school system doesn’t work are related to the foundational assumptions behind it. Somewhere, someone, decided that locking children in a building and attempting to regiment them was the answer, and indeed it was the answer, but it was the answer to the wrong question.

      If the question was “how do we cultivate a crop of conformists with little or no creativity?” then it’s a valid answer. If the question is “how do we allow children to learn the skills they need for life?” then the answer is a very poor one.

      Frankly, herding children into a flock and demanding that they conform is contrary to human nature. There are other ways to socialize children and better ways to teach.

      At this point, the schools are essentially a childcare facility allowing working parents the freedom to have a two income family. It works, but it doesn’t work to the good of the children.

    1. Anything that diverts our worship from the Creator is enough to please Satan. You can be a liberal and worship no god, or belong to a group which worships other gods. Satan is pleased by either approach.

      We’re coming down to the crunch.

    1. And if we homeschool our children, the ‘system’ loses control – especially of their precious impressionable minds.

    2. As I see it, the “system”, for the most part, is dedicated to preventing the worship of the True God. The boundaries are more clearly defined than in the past and the system is asserting itself more conspicuously every day.

    3. Although I don’t believe the government should in any way be involved in education, to me it looks like this bill is aimed at parents who use homeschooling as an excuse for truancy. They’re wrong to be involved at all, but I don’t think what they’re doing here is trying to label all homeschooling as child abuse.

      You have to go to Sweden or Germany for that.

    4. That makes sense. I view of the time, I could imagine some families claiming that they are home schooling when in fact they are just using it as an excuse.

      From examples in my own family, I know that home schooling has specific goals and requirements which must be met. The family members whom were home schooled, invariably, found it quite easy to meet those goals. However, they did have to perform to certain standards and rightly so. Home schooling should never equate to goofing off at home and ignoring the learning process. I am strongly pro-education, but believe that the school system, as is exists today, is not necessarily the best solution to the problem of teaching children the fundamentals upon which all education must be based.

    5. Regardless of the bill’s intention, misuse always results. The beast wants to be worshipped and any back door will do. Once the foot holds the door open – look out!

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