Cats Being Bad

They’re not always little angels. I make excuses for the cats in this video who’ve had most of their fur shaved off and now look way too weird to preserve dignity, and the cat who can’t get the pesky parakeet out of his face. But the rest of ’em are just plain naughty.

And you should’ve seen our cat Robbie go rocketing down the stairs once I started playing this video. I guess she didn’t like what she was hearing!

3 comments on “Cats Being Bad

  1. My cat definitely wanted to know what was going on when she heard first couple of clips.

    The cat vs horse one interested me. I wouldn’t imagine that a cat would start trouble with a horse, but apparently I was wrong about that.

    Years ago, my neighbor let someone leave a horse corralled in their front yard. My tomcat was beside homeself when I got home from work that day and I had to carry him over there and show him the horse before he’d calm down. I can only guess, but I would suspect that he could smell that there was a large animal nearby and perhaps had heard the horse when it was being moved into its corral and needed to be certain that it wasn’t a predator. Once I introduced him to the horse, he was just fine.

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