Kittens at Sea

It’s fun to present cats–and kittens–with unfamiliar objects and situations, and see what they wind up doing. I add, objects and situations that can’t possibly hurt them: just crank their brains up a little. Because cats are smart enough to improvise. You never know what a cat will do! That’s part of the fun of having them around.

The sitting in your lap and purring part is nice, too.

3 comments on “Kittens at Sea

  1. Cute stuff.

    I’ve noticed that most cats will get their paws wet if it serves the purposes of recreation, even though they avoid water most of the time.

  2. Just when I think I’ve seen it all with cats, you surprise me with another
    very cute one to enjoy.

  3. Darling kittens! I love the one who keeps pouncing outside the pool, obviously daring the floating ball to come out and fight.

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