The California Nightmare

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California wants to be a state where there are no immigration laws and where those people who, for some strange reason, continue to work are rigorously taxed to provide free stuff for those who don’t.

On top of that, California now wants its public schools to be, by law and not just custom, indoctrination centers for homosexuality: and as the biggest school textbook market in the country, it has the power to get this message shoehorned into textbooks nationwide ( ).

Under the state’s hypocritically-named “Fair Education Act,” California school textbooks will be sin-friendly–as befits the California Dept. of Education’s boast to be “the leading edge of LGBT content in schools.”

Second-graders will be taught all about “diverse families,” eighth-graders will learn about “gender roles,” and high school juniors will be immersed in the history of “the LBGT civil rights movement.”

Textbook publishers are expected to go along with it, all the way: they can’t afford to ignore the demands of their biggest market.

This is wickedness. What California dreams of doing to itself, I can’t imagine.

Even harder to imagine is why any parents who love and respect their sons and daughters continue to send them to the public schools to be taught that evil is good and good is evil.

If anybody out there has an answer, we’d love to hear it.

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  1. They also just imposed a new fuel tax and to heck with procedure, no voting at any level.

    I drove the length of California a few years ago and the place is in shambles. The beautiful agricultural land lies barren, because they won’t allow the diversion of waters that flow into the sea. You are taxed at every turn.

    Fuel prices are incredibly high, due to all sorts of taxes. I drove from Arizona into California at Needles and was so shocked by fuel prices that I drove back to AZ and topped off my tank.

    The question is, can this be sustained? I can’t imagine how it can be. During a trip to Bakersfield, perhaps seven years ago, I saw a town that had declined precipitously. The business district looked like a scene out of a post-apocalyptic movie, with fine, expensive buildings underutilized and shopping center parking lots devoid of cars. It was dismaying.

    But it all goes hand in hand. Leave the True God and He leaves you. A small group of Californians have imposed their Godlessness on the entire state and the place has gone right down the toilet. I recently saw a serious proposal to divide the state so that the liberal elite can continue to live their fantasies on the coast, while the rest of the state secedes and governs itself in accordance with the needs of an agricultural state.

    The problem is, fantasies are not particularly nourishing. Fantasies are not good sources of covering or shelter either. Food doesn’t come from the supermarket, it comes from farmland. Clothing doesn’t come from a store, it comes to us by way of manufacturing. If the liberal fantasies want all that nasty farming and manufacturing to happen from from their purview, then there will be no local sources. (I’ve seen to uprooted orchards along I-5 with my own eyes.) The fantasy is literally destroying the infrastructure it relies upon. This will not prevail, but the culmination of their failure will be horrid.

    1. As one “student protester” once said, “Food just is!” She had absolutely no idea where food comes from or how it gets there. I wonder what she was a student of.

    2. They really don’t get it. The term “flyover county” really says it all. I’ve driven through 37 states and have seen for myself the vast tracts of agricultural lands and the possibility that holds for true prosperity. I’ve seen the rural poverty of some areas and the blight of urban sprawl.

      More than once, when driving through farm country, I’ve been moved to praise God for His many blessings. There is something very special about the industry and self-sufficiency of the family farm.

      Politicians, and big-shots that consider these places to be “flyover country” are literally insulting the very source of their nutrition. Spoiled college children whom speak disrespectfully of the average working person betray the depth of their ignorance and the paltry value of what they are learning in college.

      Meanwhile, hard working people find themselves ever more squeezed out of good paying jobs and left to fend by their wits. That sounds bad, but in the long run, these will be the survivors while the smart alecs of the world try to subsist on food that “just is”.

  2. Yes, all this reminds me of the account I heard about (starting with) gun control and progressing to killing of innocent, helpless animals. One person was railing against anything “so barbaric” as killing helpless animals just for food. She/he said, “why can’t they just go to the store for their food like everyone else. Talk about stupidity.

    1. I’m willing to bet that person is also pro-abortion. Those militant vegan\vegetarian types often put the life of animals above that of humans. They turn a diet into a religion. I believe its the result of pantheism aka environmentalism that has permeated our culture. This of course is a stark contrast to the Christian worldview which elevates human life and puts mankind over dominion of the earth.

  3. One of the arguments for same-sex marriage is that it would not affect the rest of us, but many of us knew better. We warned that one of the consequences of SSM and normalizing homosexuality is that it would be taught to our children, rather we wanted it or not… and here it is. Unfortunately I fear this is only the beginning.

  4. Folks the state of California has been for a long time been a den of iniquity. The in fighting of the churches, Calvary chapel after pastor Chuck Smith passed has now split in two, Costa mesa big mega church and many around our neighborhood have been teaming up with the Rick warrens of the prosperity movement leading so many of our you down a very dangerous path. While us older generation are attempting to in a Loving way show them that it is Not Scriptural to tell the flock that God will make you rich yada yada. No different than creflo dollar telling his mega church that God told him that he needs a million dollar jet and the flock pays for it? MORONS, sad but true. We live near cal state San Marcos and we would NEVER SEND OUR DAUGHTER TO ANY OF THESE COLLEGE’S IN SAN DIEGO,L.A. OR TIMBUK TOO. As a narion,state,human we are ripe for God’s judgment. The past few days I have been doing a bible study in the book of Hosea with koinania house pastor Chuck Missler and Wow!! It it to a T that judgement is coming and had already begun. Family, I urge you all to go through the study with Chuck Missler and you will see everything that is mirrored just as those days in Israel. It is very humbling indeed. I pray that God’s people wake up,fight back and most important shout out that Jesus Christ is Real and He is Coming with a sword,not peace. In these last days we are in Time is speeding up and God’s flashing His signs in real time. We must have eyes to see and ears to hear and RESCUE OUR CHILDREN OUT OF THE CLUTCHES OF THE EVIL ONES!! PROV.22. I think we can all agree that time is running out….be bold, be brave and fear Not for Jesus is with us always!!!!God be with us Brothers and Sisters!.
    The Brown family.

    1. What is it about California that attracts the granola element (fruits, flakes and nuts) and gives them voice? The thing is, there many very fine, devout, lovely people in SoCal. It’s a very vocal, very aggressive minority whom grab all the headlines.

      In the past, I used to visit Orange County on business and was always impressed with the down to earth nature of most of the people. There are a lot of good people there. Sadly the “prosperity gospel” people have found that the prosperity of California makes a fertile venue for their particular brand of spiritual darkness. Our God will make provision for us, but I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for Him to deliver a new Winnebago.

      As bad as it may seem there, it is merely a reflection of the larger culture which surrounds it. California seems to be on the leading edge, but the rest of the country seems plenty eager to adopt their standards. It’s all part of this fallen world.

    2. I am 44 years old and I was born and raised here in southern Calif. A little town called Encinitas (not so little anymore) as kids my husband and I went to same schools everyone knew each other it was a cool place to be a kid. Not anymore, everyone has moved prices are outrageous and for some reason morons replaced the normal people and Loony Moonbat Jerry Brown is still in power and I really believe that he has sold California to the Chinese government,something not right about this calexit movement. If we could we would of left when my husband lost his job in 08..we planned on escaping to Idaho but God had plans for us here. We have seen our little town Vista become a dump full of rude gang members and very high rent,gas,and really bad schools. We have to stay for we take care of my mom with stage 4 cancer and Lord willing when Jesus takes her home we want to leave really bad. Everything just as scripture is happening…Hosea is right on target!

    3. I can certainly relate to your situation. I’ve been stuck here for quite a while and my efforts to move away have been fruitless. Apparently, there is a reason I am here, because that seems to work for me.

      I guess we’ll have to see how it all works out. God obviously can make things work out, and in these extraordinary times we need His guidance in all matters.

    4. AMEN. We have felt the same, for God has sustained us here in our little rented run down old home in a semi rural area of North county near the back gate of Camp Pendleton for 11 years now and are so grateful to our Father for such a time as this,for if we would of left in 2005 which we were ready to move to Idaho (Our plan) God told us no looking back after tears and hardship and arguing with God about that decision we now see what his plan was for us here, my mother. After my Father passed from cancer in 2014 she was alone and sick with stage 4 breast cancer we did not even think about putting her in a state run home she came home with us. Healed our past conflicts and has blessed us and her for she sees the hand of God in all that we do,good and bad. There are still good people here in Calif bible believing folks and we are blessed with neighbors who are extended family each helping each other whether it is bartering garden goodies for eggs or just a hug when times of stress come, like our gas and tax prices😝. We know that God has not given us that word yet to go, we Trust in Him who is all knowing and will not give us more than we can handle knows where we need to be and for now we are thankful that God has kept us,our child and my mom under the shadow of His wings. Many blessings to you and all my brothers and sisters in Christ.
      Shannon b

    5. In my case, I ended up moving to a place I dislike unintentionally. For the first few years I took care of my mother (since deceased) but have never been able to leave. I have a job that pays well, but my home equity after 12 years is, roughly speaking, zero (or perhaps negative). In the meantime, real estate in the place I consider home has skyrocketed and a tiny two bedroom bungalow there costs more than I would imagine spending for a McMansion.

      I’ve anguished over this, and I’ve tried to leave, but every time I think it will work out my plans crash into a heap of rubble. I’ve finally accepted that this is larger than I and I hope that there’s a purpose. In the meantime, I’ve learned much more about the Bible, especially prophecies that seem to be coming to fulfillment in the international stage.

      If the opportunity arises for me to leave, I’ll be able to do so without looking back. Obviously, I’d prefer to take my possessions with me, but overall, very little in the way of material goods strikes me as valuable anymore.

      The biggest problem for me is isolation. I don’t fit into the local culture for social purposes and haven’t been able to find community of believers whom share my values. There’s not a lot to choose from, even within a 100 mile radius.

      “We know that God has not given us that word yet to go”

      This is pretty much how I see things as well. I suspect, but can’t be certain, that there will come a day when it will be time to leave and that He will provide when the time comes. I have a strong possibility for a job in my home town, but not until next year. Time will tell.

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