Marshall Hates His Sweater

Kids and pets have this on common: they’re both subject to the irrational whims of adults.

Marshall the bulldog hates his sweater. I know just how he feels. When I was 12 years old or so, my parents bought me this goofy fedora hat to wear to church. Boy, did I feel like a schmo! Every Sunday, I did my level best to lose the hat somewhere in church. My father kept finding it. This went on for months and months until I finally lost it somewhere he never thought to look. Happily, they did not replace it. I think they finally decided it just wasn’t worth the trouble.

4 comments on “Marshall Hates His Sweater

  1. Yes, I know how he feels. When I was in grade school, had to ride the bus to school, my mother bundled me up so much I could hardly move. To this day, I hate wearing heavy clothes, boots, gloves, etc.

  2. Poor little Marshall. I sure hope his mommy didn’t leave that silly sweater on him. Maybe she can repurpose it – make a hat for herself 🙂

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