Where Did All the Comments Go?

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I received an email from Phoebe last night, saying she’s been prevented, somehow, from posting comments here. And it’s 11:00 this morning, and look, Ma, no comments!

I don’t think that’s ever happened before. Is everybody being blocked?

In the past, regular readers who’ve regularly posted comments suddenly lost their ability to do so. Those were WordPress problems, and WordPress fixed them.

If you have been blocked from posting a comment today, please let me know. Use my email address, leeduigon@verizon.net, so I can forward your email to the tech support at WordPress.

Problem after problem after problem… and they want to merge our minds with these stupid computers. Jesu defend us!

30 comments on “Where Did All the Comments Go?

  1. It is getting more difficult to do most things on line. It is one of the reasons that the owner of the website I formerly posted my articles on has given up on handling it. He had a young woman who was taking care of that, but when she married, she quit the job. Every day, when I log on to this blog, the pop-up offers an unsubscribe and I have to dismiss that before i can do anything. grrrrr.

    1. Well, at least it looks like it’s not everybody who’s been blocked. So I hope WordPress will soon solve Phoebe’s problem–because we don’t want to lose her.

  2. I’m going to try again today and see whether WordPress has decided to let me through. The weird thing is that the same thing happened to me at another site that does comments through WordPress.

  3. Hooray, they let me through! Thanks, Lee, for taking the trouble to forward my email to them. Or maybe the gremlins moved on to someone else today. I’ll see whether I can post at the other site as well. Anyway, it’s good to be back. I really love this neighborhood.

    1. Welcome back, Phoebe! I’ll have to check my email now and see if there’s anything from WordPress, maybe they fixed the problem. I’m so glad you’re here!

  4. Lee, there may be gremlins occupying space at WordPress. Although I haven’t tried to comment for several days, some of your posts are hitting my inbox in a rather weird format. I’ll try to forward a copy to you in an email. It gives me the title link but no article and when I click on the link, it brings me to a page with exactly the same information – and no article, that is until I get to that page and click on the link supplied on that page. Very strange.

    Also, for some reason, I had to re-type my info for this comment – it apparently didn’t recognize me.

    1. I fully expect it, and I’m not kidding or being cynical. A lot of the tools I’ve relied upon for years are not working anymore. When I look up the problem I get thousands of links to other users having the same problem, but rarely do I find solutions. A lot of problems are falling thought the cracks.

      At some point, reliability will fall below some invisible threshold and it will become impossible to repair the problem, because the people in the business of repairing the problem will be unable to access the tools they need. Then the fun starts in earnest.

      I remember seeing more than one Sci-Fi movie where the computer essentially took over and, in a strange way, that’s what is happening now. Endless updates, greater and great compatibility issues, etc. Soon we could find ourselves held hostage to computers which demand updates in order to continue operating and those updates will mandate that we agree to onerous terms and conditions.

      I for one, have lost faith I the whole blasted computer business.

    2. To the max. It’s quite unsettling, but I truly fear it. Last week I sat through a security lecture presented by a huge vendor of software, hardware and security products. At this point in whole subject of security has become so complex that many administrators don’t have time to monitor their networks.

      Think old Obann, just before the fall. It’s a grim picture. After that security lecture, I was quite unsettled. I was in a room of working professionals in the computer/networking sector, and the mood in the room was quite sober.

      I can offer one bit of advice, however. Do not open ANY attachments to emails (including pictures) unless you know the sender AND, are expecting an attachment to be sent. If in doubt, get on the phone and verify BEFORE you click on any attachment. Everyone in the room seems in agreement the weakest link in the security chain is end users clicking on attachments that appear innocent, but are actually malicious.

    3. And they call this ‘artificial intelligence’. What’s going to happen when they try to plug us all in? These are perilous times indeed!

    4. Artificial intelligence is like artificial sweetener — strong on the artificiality and not much like the thing being imitated.

    5. Linda, I’ve been getting the same sort of the occasionally. I thought maybe Lee was “bumping up” a previous post that had fallen off the “recent posts” list by sending a link to it. But I guess it’s gremlins instead. If so, I’m grateful to the gremlins in these cases for sending the reminder. If not … key the “Twilight Zone” theme music. 😉

    6. Phoebe, funny you should mention the ‘Twilight Zone’. It’s creator, Rod Serling, lived in a place called Horseheads, NY, not too far from where I live now lol.

    7. See my reply to Linda: the weird format was my fault. That’s what happens when you let an ignoramus try to do something new on a computer.

    8. Linda, that weird format was my doing. I was experimenting with a “Press This” feature on WordPress, and discovered it could generate some extra views. I don’t know how or why; it just did. I didn’t want to do too much of it because I think it makes my page look bad. Anyhow, what you got was a “Press This” rendition of my post, “An Easter Prayer.” The human being rendition of that post was published on Saturday.

    9. Well it evidently works since we have to click an extra link to view the article lol. At least there’s an explanation for those particular gremlins 🙂 And don’t feel bad, Lee, I know very little to almost nothing about the world of computers. My cousin, who taught me the basics, used to call me a ‘dufus’ when trying to get me to ‘get it’ 🙂

  5. Well aren’t you a clever cat-loving sleeper! I believe this article generated more comments than any of your other articles today. “Help, i’ve fallen and I can’t get up” – lol.

    1. I was just kidding – unintended consequences (benefits) – enjoy them. Your articles deserve hundreds of thousands of subscribers if they only knew what’s good for them. I’m glad everything worked out and am looking forward to your next computer problem – I appreciate and learn from the commenters who give sound advice.

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