A Rabbit With a Habit

I’ve always loved bunnies, ever since my Grammie gave me a nice yellow bunny when I was four or five years old. I loved that bunny for years and years until he fell apart. Don’t worry, that happened well before high school.

I’ve never had a real, live bunny; but if I did, I don’t think I’d want to get him interested in arcade games. That claw game–pfah! Just ask anybody on any Jersey boardwalk–you never win.

Just wait’ll the bunny in this video figures out he can operate the machine anytime he wants, if he feeds it money.

5 comments on “A Rabbit With a Habit

  1. This little bunny is pretty clever! Gave me more than a little chuckle 🙂 My granddaughter is going to love this one!

  2. adorable bunny. Both of my sons loved little rabbits when they were young. They would have loved something like this.

  3. I’m quite surprised to see what I think I saw. I don’t think that the rabbit could manipulate the claw in any organized manner, but it sure figured out that wiggling those buttons would cause the claw to open and release a treat.

    I’ve seen some amazing things in animal videos, but nothing is more amazing than the affection of my little cat. She does me wonders.

    1. I’ve never gotten a thing for those claw games. There was one at a local restaurant, and I placed a bounty on a certain toy beagle that I wanted. Within a week or two, one of the employees had gotten it and earned a quick $20 for their bother.

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