Use Your Cat to Generate Fantastic Wealth!

Stretch limo, mink coat, enormous diamond rings, luxury penthouse overlooking Central Park–now it can all be yours! That’s right–and your cat can get it for you. Well, maybe two cats would be better. Or three.

Simply train your cat to do what the kitty in this video has done–grab money and run away with it. Then all you have to do is somehow get it from the cat, a project which seems to be defeating the cat owners in this video.

Now it would be stealing, if you were to keep the money. Actually, the whole thing is kind of dishonest. And roping a poor, innocent animal into a criminal enterprise! Even Professor Moriarty never did that. I’m sorry I ever brought up this shameful subject. Enjoy the video, but stay honest.

4 comments on “Use Your Cat to Generate Fantastic Wealth!

    1. AT least it isn’t sardines, or, God forbid, caviar. I don’t allow the word caviar to be spoken in my cat’s presence. I don’t want her to learn that it exists. 🙂

  1. Lol. Smart kitty. Reminds me of my daughter’s Golden Retriever. He used to rummage around in my purse and would never take anything except cash and checks. He’d get a guilty look on his face – dogs are great at guilty looks, but he really hated giving it back 🙂 This is the same dog who answered the phone when I called and when he heard ‘gramma’ in the phone he brought it to my daughter. Smart dog!

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