Discrimbination aginst Peple who Arent Reel!

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Hear at Collidge we Are al hapy “becose” we got a New kind “of” Discrimbination to Protest and we “had” a big Protest jist this mourning!!

Yiu has herd of Racism and Sexism, wel now we has got to protest “aginst” Reel-ism!!! We jist dis-covered It this weak when A Unreel Person she posted this grate post in some Blog In “the” Hufinkton Post and then Thay puled it becose she “is Not” a Reel Person! (http://www.huffingtonpost.co.za/shelley-garland/could-it-be-time-to-deny-white-men-the-franchise_a_22036640/)

This it is Discrimbination puere and Simpul! If i am assined Mail Gender but i Self-Idintify as Femail wel That makes me A wimmin! So waht if i am a Ficktionle Person and i Self-idintify as a Reel Person, dont that Make me Reel???

Boy this has Been goin On “for” hunderds of yeares,al this hear Discrimbination aginst Peple who amn’t Reel!! And it is time Sosity we putt a Stop “to it!!!” Reel-ism it Is a squrge and it “is” aslo A hat crime aginst Socile Jutstace!! and anyyone who dose it thay are a Biggit! And we Are goin to Protest agane as sooon As we gets a New shipmant of Play-Doh!!

Un-Reel Peple “of” the Werld, rise up! Us Interllecturals at Collidge we wil leed Yiu to take yore ritefull Plaice!!!

16 comments on “Discrimbination aginst Peple who Arent Reel!

  1. I hate to have to bring this up, Joe, but how about the driver that delivers the Plane-Doh? if he discriminates against people who are not real, then the Pla-Doh won’t have any power. 🙂

  2. Descartes’ famous dictum will have to be changed to “I think I am, therefore I am what I think … I think.” Korrekt?

    1. Didja hear about the Descartian philosopher that walked into a bar?
      The bartender said: “Ain’t you the guy that ran out on his check last week?”

      The philosopher answered: “I think not!” and immediately disappeared. 🙂

    2. It’s an oldie of a joke and requires an audience that can comprehend it, so I rarely dust it off.

      I wonder how Joe Collidge would respond to that joke. 🙂

    3. LOL! My dad would have loved that joke! 🙂

      There’s no telling how Joe Collidge will react when most of the jobs he would qualify for will be done by unreel persons with artificial intelligence lol

    4. I’ll field this on on Joe’s behalf.

      Yiu don*t goe to collidge too git a job% Yiu goe two Collidge tu pruve yiu are interlectual sew yiu do”nt half tiu werk.

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