Ton ey Curtus’s Hand!!

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I seen a moovie “once” it was Al Abote The Vykings befour thay was a fotboll teem “and” thare was This guy Toney Curtus he got his “hand” choped off whith a Sowrd! and the rest “of” the moovie he didnt Have no Hand!

Wel lats nihght i seen another moovie with this guy Toney Curtus “in” it And waht do yiu know… his hand IT GROWED BACK!!! wOW! Yess thare it was, Two hands. One of my Moth Antenners it broke offf once But it growed rihght back Rihght “away” butt i dint know any one his hand “it” grow back!!!

I figgered Out it must of “ben” Sceince that make his “hand grow” back, Sceince reely is The Anwser! Evry Interllectural we knows that, It “is” wyh we al gone to Collidge!

4 comments on “Ton ey Curtus’s Hand!!

  1. Yes, yes, it was science! And we all know that the science is “settled.”

    Lee, this was one of your funniest Joe Collidge pieces. I’m still laughing as I type.

  2. Apparently it’s just too hard for poor ol’ Joe to separate fact from fiction. I bet he needed a nice wool sock to help him recover from the shock of such a thing happening before his very eyes.

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