‘Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus’

Suggested by Erlene, Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus. Music by Michael W. Smith, Inspiration by the Holy Spirit.

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14 comments on “‘Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus’

  1. Thanks, Lee. Although this version does not include the whole song, it is still inspirational, and a reminder of the place where our peace comes from in times like these when discouragement is such a distraction. I sing this to myself pretty often when things begin to wear upon me. He is our peace, encouragement and strength.

  2. Wow, Erlene! Thank you! And thank you, Lee, for posting this. Several favorites involved here for me – violin and piano, two of my favorite instruments, Michael W. Smith does some wonderful praise and worship music (including Awesome God), and the song itself – even though this is a shorter version. .

    1. I sure do – in fact, you did post it just recently and it never gets old! – especially the version where his whole young audience joins in the praise!

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