‘Rock of Ages’ (Outdoors!)

I can’t imagine how they make the acoustics work, but these kids from Fountainview Academy perform their hymns outdoors: here, Rock of Ages.

As much as I love geology and paleontology, I have to admit I’m now with William Jennings Bryan on this one: I’m much more interested in the Rock of Ages than the age of rocks.

3 comments on “‘Rock of Ages’ (Outdoors!)

  1. Amazing! How do you find these marvels? And was the harpist really playing the harp with full-fingered gloves on? These kids are wonderful. Maybe there’s hope for America after all.

  2. I fully agree with your assessment of rocks. If you listen to “scientists” and their millions of years stories, it would all be meaningless anyway. Love the music.

  3. Beautiful! Another one of my favorites.

    With regard to the acoustics, several things come to mind. The Lord and the mountains help; also, the actual recording may be indoors and then they relocate for the filming. It would seem nearly impossible to avoid he sound of the wind through the microphones otherwise. Either way, these young people are superb in their praise.

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