All Aboard for Obann

Weather permitting, tomorrow I hope to start writing the next book of my Bell Mountain series. That would be Book No. 11, with No. 10, The Silver Trumpet, still being edited and waiting for cover art, a blurb, and everything else.

How does one of these books get started? I have to wait for the Lord to give me something–a scene, a new character, a title, any kind of hint. I never know what it’s going to be. The Fugitive Prince (No. 5) blossomed out of a brief observation of lacewings fluttering around the porch light on a summer night. The Silver Trumpet was just the title, nothing more. The Temple (No. 8) was a continuation of the story from No. 7, The Glass Bridge, plus an urge to see a prehistoric marine reptile like the one Kirk DouPonce depicted on the cover.

The Silver Trumpet left me with several story lines that have to be continued. The new book, so far, is nothing but a tentative title–The Temptation–and a single scene involving a horrific experience for Lord Chutt.

What will happen in this novel? Beats me! I really don’t know, and I’ll just have to wait and see it unfold. I used to prepare my novels in fine detail, going so far as to make up color-coded index cards for each subplot and trying various arrangements until I found what seemed to be the best one.

But now I just wing it, trusting in the Lord to show me the way; and so far, He has. Much better than I could have done myself.

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  1. I had wondered if you used some sort of plot/subplot management tools. I doubt that I could wing it without something of that nature. I’d lose track of something. However, when one conceives a story from scratch, there is an advantage, because the story is part of you. In any event, it works well for you, Lee.

    Best wishes on book #11.

  2. Those of us who have gone from Bell Mountain to The Throne, can hardly wait for The Silver Trumpet!

    And I know I’ve asked this before, but here I am, asking again? Do you suppose Martis, Wytt and the children will ever return to old Obann to retrieve more of King Osias’ artifacts? I keep wondering what’s still there waiting! 🙂

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