Cats Getting Stuck (Which Reminds Me of a Story…)

Watching these goofy cats get stuck in various containers–I promise you, at least one of these you won’t believe–reminded me of a story.

Once upon a rainy day, my aunts, Joan and Florence, when they were little girls, decided to play Robin Hood. They had one of those old-fashioned bedsteads with bars–just the thing to represent the castle in which Maid Marian was being held prisoner. So Aunt Florence, playing Maid Marian, climbed onto the bed, stuck her head through a couple of the  bars, and called for Robin Hood to help her. Aunt Joan, playing Robin Hood, could not help her. She was stuck. Nothing they did could get her unstuck. They’d be there still, if Grandpa hadn’t come upstairs with his tools and taken the whole bed apart. I have a feeling he was not amused.

3 comments on “Cats Getting Stuck (Which Reminds Me of a Story…)

  1. One thing I enjoy, is hearing that people in all sorts of places enjoy the antics of their cats. No matter the language spoken, people love to take cat videos.

  2. One thing’s for sure – I’m thankful there was a human to help that poor kitty running around outside in the snow with a container on its head!

    Cats have a knack for stuffing themselves into places where they really shouldn’t fit – and sometimes don’t 🙂

    1. Me too. That was sad.

      Cats and dogs are so lovable. My cat is leaning against me purring and staring dreamily at my eyes. I can’t imagine a more endearing animal.

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