Drunk Driver: ‘Trump Made Me Do It’

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“The Devil made me do it!” Flip Wilson used to say.

Well, now we’ve got a new excuse for drunken driving. A woman who was so plastered, she dropped the breathalyzer and broke it, told police they ought to give her a pass  because the election of Donald Trump as president drove her to drink (http://madworldnews.com/liberal-blames-trump-drunk-driving/).

The cops didn’t buy it.

Democrats go completely off their rockers whenever we have a Republican president. Remember “Bush Derangement Syndrome”? Some of that really got out of hand.

We normal people had to suck it up for eight years of that other guy–but then if you said anything about him that wasn’t praise, that made you a racist.

“Lisssen ta me, ociffer–that Donold Trump, he jist poured likker down my throte and then he shoved these here car keys at me and made me drive home!”


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