And Now It’s ‘Murder Hornets’

Just in case you’ve started to get comfy with the Chinese Communist Wuhan Death Virus From China, our free and independent nooze media have another scare in store for you: “murder hornets.”

This is another gift of globalism. See, the problem with making it All One World and wiping out boundaries, etc., is that bad stuff from one part of the world can so easily spill into other parts. So now we’ve got these giant Asian hornets, 2.5 inches long, with venom seven times more powerful than a bee’s, able to sting as many times as it pleases, and with the ability to kill a human being if it can sting you often enough.

But what these bad guy bugs are really infamous for is invading honeybee hives and killing all the bees. Our honeybees have enough problems just now: they don’t need imported predators.

So far the murder hornets have been found in Washington state, near the Canadian border. They probably got there via a container ship from Asia. As insects, of course, they have the ability to reproduce really fast: so they’ve got to be hunted down and wiped out in a hurry.

And we have headlines like “They’re Coming For You!” and “Monster Hornet Invasion,” which are not at all helpful to anyone except for noozies in search of ratings. If you mention that they came here from Asia, that makes you a Racist. The Correct Thing to Say is “Donald Trump bred them in his cellar!” (My sister clued me in to that. Hat tip to Alice.)

Question: What might be the effect upon your mental health, watching nooze all day? I fear we’re going to wind up with a lot of panicked terrified crazy people.  And something tells me that’s just the way the Democrats want us.

Drunk Driver: ‘Trump Made Me Do It’

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“The Devil made me do it!” Flip Wilson used to say.

Well, now we’ve got a new excuse for drunken driving. A woman who was so plastered, she dropped the breathalyzer and broke it, told police they ought to give her a pass  because the election of Donald Trump as president drove her to drink (

The cops didn’t buy it.

Democrats go completely off their rockers whenever we have a Republican president. Remember “Bush Derangement Syndrome”? Some of that really got out of hand.

We normal people had to suck it up for eight years of that other guy–but then if you said anything about him that wasn’t praise, that made you a racist.

“Lisssen ta me, ociffer–that Donold Trump, he jist poured likker down my throte and then he shoved these here car keys at me and made me drive home!”


How we Can Get rid ‘Of’ Christins!

Wel that foool lee had To go Out so i got “his” blogg and I has Grate News!

My prefesser he “says” it dont mater that Donold Trumpp he won “the” Electin becose We stil has got “to” Fudna mentally Trans Form americka And the Grate News “is” thare is a Gay law Suit that is goin “to” ban christanity!

Now wye dint We “think” of “this” befour?? Wel evven Us Interllecturals hear At collidge wee Cant think “of” Evry Thing al at once!! Ha Ha, yiu jist wate til This hear Law Suit it “gose” thruohgh and The Justise Depotment thay start naling Them “churches” shutt And aslo taring Them downe With Bull Dozers!!! “And” thare isnt Nothin trumpp Can “do” abuot It becose It wil bee done befour He gets Inogriated which i Think dosnt hapen til Seppember!

and then Wehn The christins thay are al In Jale Us Interllecturals we wil Get trumpp Impeeched “and” Hillery she wil be Pressadint Afterall!!! Ha Ha Ha how do yiu no-good trumpters Like thoze apels???

i culd Not find The news Report On Line but my prefesser he toled Me al abuot it So i know Its triue!!!!