Another Stupid Cat Video

I know, I know–this proves I have no feel for the nuances of modern life, and if I was a real interllectural I wouldn’t be posting cat videos, it’d be something about changing genders or Saving The Planet. So I won’t blame anybody for not watching it.

P.S.–Please do not let your cat eat your hair, like the unwise woman in this video is doing. You don’t need the vet bills.

2 comments on “Another Stupid Cat Video

  1. Nothing stupid about cat videos. Cats are an endless source of amusement and fascination. Besides that, cats are effective against climbit change and gender issues. 🙂

    Kitty and I decided that this was a good day for a nap. Actually, it was mostly her idea, but she was onto something. It’s trying to storm outside and I’m just now starting to feel like myself again, so a nap is actually the best option.

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