Our Day So Far (Faugh!)

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Well, it was supposed to be a nice day. But then the computer threw some new problems at me, and then the Fedex man came with a 20-pound package and laid it right on top of Patty’s monarda plant instead of putting it in the foyer–crushing the plant, of course.

She has been nurturing that plant lovingly and carefully, and to have it crushed by some careless lout of a delivery man really gets her down. Makes me pretty mad, too! We don’t ask for much, we have taught ourselves to be content with little things, and this was just not right–no excuse for it.

If it’s not unseemly to do so, I ask for your prayers for this poor plant, that God will cause it to recover. In Jesus’ name, amen. But of course the prayer is really for my wife.

Not much luck with working on my book today, so far.

P.S.–And the beat goes on. After supper, Patty lay down for a nap and got her hand sliced open by a stupid cat jumping onto the bed. It’s not even safe for us to be in bed today.

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  1. Our civilization is not doing well. Inconsideration and carelessness seem to be standard operating procedure, even with previously reputable companies.

    A prayer has been said, but the most important solution is the Second Coming and the Kingdom of God. Up until that happens, I’m afraid that we’ll all be dealing with some pretty frustrating events.

  2. My prayers for Patty and the poor plant. Hopefully this comment will post. I’m not sure what the problem is or even whether it originates on this end or yours. I’ve attempted to leave several this morning but they don’t seem to be posting. But at least the birthday wishes posted. 🙂

    1. Linda, guess what? This May 9th reply of yours just showed up in my email Inbox as a new comment. And today is May 25th. Maybe the comment got caught under the FedEx man’s boot and took a while to surface…. 🙂

  3. I think you have a parable going there, in the crushing of the carefully tended flower by the lout from outside who doesn’t recognize its beauty, and then the prayers for its recovery, which are really prayers for more than one flower (and not just the person who tended the flower, but for beauty itself)…. Yes, definitely a parable of some sort, with the flower and its grower regaining strength… or something.

    Nothing is ever wasted. Everything works to a purpose. Beauty doesn’t die.

    And I hope I didn’t crush the flower even worse with the weight of my ponderous moralizing. 🙂

  4. Aww man, what a rotten day 🙁 I hope that your wife’s hand is all right; make sure it gets cleaned well. Cat scratches and cuts can be bad news. I also hope her plant recovers. Prayers for a better day tomorrow!

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