It’s Fun to be a Dog

Whoever coined the phrase, “It’s a dog’s life,” should’ve seen this video first. He might’ve been willing to trade with any of these dogs. I was all set to show you a grey tree frog video, but the doggies won out. Frogs aren’t really all that playful. Although I’d like to see the dog that can perch on your outstretched finger like a grey tree frog can.

12 comments on “It’s Fun to be a Dog

  1. A few of these guys made me laugh out loud 🙂

    And then there are lions and tigers and bears, oh my –

    1. I didn’t have time to get through all of that one, but what I saw was amazing. BTW, that first clip was pretty mundane by local standards. Tarantulas are fairly harmless little critters. They can pinch you a bit, but they tend to be shy and would prefer to be left alone.

      I encountered one during monsoons a few years back and the poor little thing was cowering, trying to not be seen. It was sort of sad.

    2. A neighbor of mine years ago had a tarantula for a pet. He was fairly docile and used to walk around on my neighbor’s arm. I wasn’t quite brave enough to handle him but he was interesting to watch in his aquarium tank where he would build some sort of web/platforms in all corners.

    3. There are old cats, and there are bold cats, but there are no old bold cats.
      Really, I don’t approve of letting our cats play with bears and alligators.

    4. I’m with you there, Lee. My cats were always indoors only.

    5. That was really astonishing! Instead of taking a video they could have intervened before the cat got that close.

    6. I had thought of that, but how does one intervene in such a situation. If you happened to have a snake grabber, you could do something, but getting too close to that cobra could be deadly.

    7. I was thinking more along the lines of startling the cat into going in the other direction before it got that close, but of course, I don’t know when the whole thing was actually noticed. It may have already been a little late for that. Hopefully, it all worked out well.

    8. I hope so too. That was a startling sight.

      I’m very protective of my cat. It would grieve me greatly to see her come to harm.

  2. That last clip was priceless. I’ve had cats act in a similar manner, to overly-affectionate that I could barely breathe without their interference.

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