Your Cats Love Your Bed

Many of us have tried to make a bed with a cat or two lending a hand. It will either drive you bats or turn into a game.

My old cat, Buster, who looked a lot like the red cat in this video, only bigger, loved nothing more than to frolic around under the covers. Actually, he liked just about everything, he was that kind of cat. Watching these kitties use the bed for a playground brings back fond memories.

Today Peep sits on the bed while I make it, but somehow always moves at just the right time so that the bed does get made without her getting off it. I’m not quite sure how she ever figured out how to do that.

3 comments on “Your Cats Love Your Bed

  1. As with all things, bed making is an activity which benefits greatly from feline supervision. They may seem to be in the way, but they are actually ensuring that you don’t make a mistake and will lie down in the middle of everything if that’s what it takes to save you from your own human limitations. 🙂

    I went through this very process exactly a week ago and, much like Peep , my little cat managed to get out of the way, but only at the very last second.

  2. Boy is this a familiar sight! My cats always seemed to love foiling my attempts to make or change a bed. They loved the game 🙂 Do you suppose they think (like children) if they can’t see you then you can’t see them? Nah. lol

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