Attention! Fellow WordPress Bloggers

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I wonder if any of you have had this problem. If so, I wonder if any of you can tell me what has happened, and what, if anything, can be done about it.

In January, February, and March I averaged over 500 Facebook referrals to this blog. In April it was down to just a little over 100, and for May it looks like it won’t even reach the 100 mark. This is a hefty chunk of my readership.

I have no idea what has caused this. Okay, The Chicago Tribune was complaining, weeks ago, that Facebook’s new anti-fake news (anti conservative) algorithm had cost the Trib 40% of its online readership; and other big media outlets had similar complaints. But if that were the cause, you’d think Facebook would’ve gotten rid of that algorithm by now.

You will pardon me for not knowing what an “algorithm” is. As near as I can figure out, it’s something in your computer that takes the place of thinking and decision-making.

So, hey out there! Can anybody give me a hint? Do you know of any way I can get my FB referrals back? Please advise!

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  1. This is precisely what I have thought was happening. Essentially, you are being censored because of the views you hold.

    An algorithm is sort of a formula, in logic, to analyze something, and make a decision based upon the analysis. For example, if I dial “9 1 602” at my desk phone, it will pop up a list of numbers in that area code that I have called in the past and allow me to select from that list or continue dialing. That’s a simple algorithm at work. The auto-correct feature when you type into a blog page such as this is another example of an algorithm, and we have all experienced typing something only to see a total non-sequitur appear, thanks to a brainless algorithm.

    I don’t know that you can do much of anything. The masses seem to think that Facebook is a good thing and as long as they keep visiting the site, Facebook will do whatever is can to appease their client base.

    Ultimately, I see this as a “mark of the beast” sort of thing. If you hold to your Christian values you become negatively marked and the beast freezes you out, subtly. Look at the number of times people have lost their jobs because they refuse to compromise their Christianity. It seems to be happening everywhere these days.

    All I can add is that I take a lot of encouragement from this site. I know that I’m not alone in feeling that your blog provides a haven from the madness all around.

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