Cat Trains Humans

This video never quite gets to where it wants to go, but it’s still a rather sweet ride. Watch the cat train the humans to play with him in the snow whenever he wants. Their reward is a lot of affection! Man, the only way I could ever get either Peep or Robbie to sleep in my lap would be if I had a lapful of scallops… which would be a bit messy.

3 comments on “Cat Trains Humans

  1. It is a sweet ride. There’s something so charming about an animal wanting a human to be a part of their world. It’s happening as I type; my cat is quite involved with trying to make certain that I notice her. And I do, and I love her for it.

    Obviously, these animals were created to be able to interact with humans. She seems to know that purring an cuddling will appeal to me (he typed as his cat rubbed his arm with the top of her head).

    It’s nice to see that others have similar experiences with their cats.

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