How Smart is This Bulldog?

Think about this. A dog is watching TV. We know he’s watching, and not just looking, because he responds to the plot as it develops. In fact, he responds in a morally upright way: the bad guy’s coming, so the dog tries to warn the unsuspecting, defenseless woman. How does the dog even begin to process all this human-created, human-centered information?

What would dog or cat TV look like, if dogs or cats created it for dogs and cats? Would humans be able to understand it?

They may be more like us than we ever suspected.

One comment on “How Smart is This Bulldog?”

  1. Smart dog. We have a friend whose dog watches TV with him. She has similar appropriate reactions to various scenes – even commercials (especially for dog treats). She can tell when an animal commercial is coming on just by the beginning music.

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