Win Aladdin’s Lamp!

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You know I don’t like to make extravagant promises that I can’t possibly fulfill, so in all honesty, I must reveal that it’s not my comment contest that is offering Aladdin’s magical lamp as a prize.

But gee whiz, it’s the comment contest, I have to do something to make it exciting!

Well, whoever posts Comment No. 15,000 on this blog–and we’ve only got 21 to go!–will win an autographed copy of one of my books. Everyone on earth except for Keith Olbermann is eligible, and any comment is eligible except for the following: remarks that are abusive of anyone else on this site; comments containing profanity or blasphemy (which I’ll just delete anyway, so don’t waste your time sending any), commercials thinly disguised as comments (which is insulting), or comments simply too inane to bother with. Otherwise, anything goes.

Lots of readers have won these contests, so if you’re new to this blog, hop right in! Anyone can play and anyone can win.

9 comments on “Win Aladdin’s Lamp!

  1. The prize for your comment contests is a great one, Lee. Aladdin can’t compare! Anyone would be thrilled to win! And a bonus treat is that it starts one off on a wonderful journey into the rest of the series, which I hope continues for many moons 🙂

    1. I would agree with you, Unknowable, – on one condition: that would have to be the title of one of Lee’s upcoming books 🙂

  2. Gee, when you tell us there are 21 to go and I see there have been three responses it tells me I probably didn’t win… Oh well, I’m helping someone else get there.

    1. Yo, Greg, keep trying! The tie always goes to a reader who hasn’t won before… so actually your chances are pretty good.

    2. Lee, if I happen to win, I’ll defer to Greg 🙂 I’ve already won once and it’s only right that a new Bell Mountain reader have the wonderful experience of your writing.

      And Greg, once you start, you’re hooked! I’m now waiting for #9 ‘The Silver Trumpet’ to hit print!

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