Compartments for Kittens

Counting the kittens in this video is kind of like trying to count the goldfish in the pet shop’s fish tank. You’d think it would help, the big box being divided into kitten-sized compartments.

Ask anyone who’s ever had two kittens–sometimes it seems you’ve really got six or seven of ’em, right?

8 comments on “Compartments for Kittens

  1. They’re so cute! Kittens always have the sweetest faces – and these little ones are no exception 🙂 I always had boxes, paper shopping bags and the like for my kitties to hide in. One inventive cat once tore the bottom of my box spring out and climbed in there. When I went looking for him I expected to see him hanging out under the bed, not from in it!

    1. Robbie and Peep did that when they were kittens! Looked under the bed, and there were the two little heads peeking out from the box spring–upside-down.

    2. It’s hard not to laugh when they do things like that. Being the over-protective mom that I am, I only worried he might somehow get tangled up in the springs. He was fine lol.

  2. That’s a perfect toy for kittens. Someone put some consideration into making a toy for their kittens. The mother cat looked a bit stressed by it, but then again, if you had six kittens you’re be stressed too.

    1. Yes, indeed, it’s a very clever playground for the kittens — although at least one of them seems bent on wrecking it by using one of the walls as a chew toy! Fortunately, the structure holds up well. And the kittens are adorable. I love the ending, with the kitten sticking its face into the camera.

  3. My family and I once tried to make a little kitten compartment cardboard “hotel”, for our furry feline friends. It worked for a while… but soon the big cats wanted to use it as a bed too, and then made the boxes flat, which rendered them unusable as any kitty shelter.

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