How Smart Are These Cats?

Watch the cats in this video try to figure out things made by and for humans, with no reference to cats at all. Things like a trampoline, aquarium, swimming pool cover, computer, etc. You can almost see the gears and flywheels turning in their heads.

How well would any of us do, if we had to adapt to a civilization made by and for cats with no reference to humans?

2 comments on “How Smart Are These Cats?

  1. The kitty stepping on the pool cover made me a bit nervous. He could’ve been wrapped up in it. The pink ball looked an awful lot like the thing my granddaughter’s chinchilla took his bath in 🙂 And I;m a little surprised the cat walking on the aquarium wasn’t a wee bit more interested in the fish!

  2. That cat on the trampoline caught my attention. It appears that it could see the girl under the trampoline and was anticipating her moves. Ahhh, to be a kid again.

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