Prayer Request: Jaxx the Kitten

portrait boo and jaxx

Jaxx with Boo

Coming home from a Memorial Day weekend trip, my stepdaughter, Georgia, spotted a tiny stray kitten lost in the rain. She took it home and adopted it, and very quickly the kitten, now named Jaxx, bonded with their dog, Boo.

But this morning Georgia discovered that Jaxx has a critical blood disorder and needs a transfusion. He also has a very rare blood type, difficult to obtain. Georgia and her husband, Ridgie, will do everything they can possibly do to provide this care; but they’re going to need help.

Please join with me in prayer.

O Lord Our God, not a sparrow falls without the Father. This little kitten life that you’ve created, bless it and preserve it, and bring him out of danger: in Jesus’ name, amen.

4 comments on “Prayer Request: Jaxx the Kitten

  1. Dear Lord, we beg you to come to the aid of this little kitten, and give Georgia and Ridgie comfort in their anxiety and sorrow. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  2. The animals God brings into our lives can be the best of blessings. I’ll continue to pray for Jaxx.

  3. Jaxx and family will be in my prayers. Having rescued and cared for several cats who’ve had a variety of serious illnesses, such as Feline Aids, Feline Leukemia, hydrocephalus, seizures from brain trauma sustained from a car running over her at weeks old, pins in her leg, even one whose little back legs went backward, my heart goes out to them all. These little ones are such blessings.

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