I’ve Been Quoted in ‘The Times’

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Yep, here I am in The Washington Times this week, being quoted by Robert Knight (http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/jun/11/bernie-sanders-ruled-out-public-service-by-christi/) in his commentary about Bernie Sanders’ hostility to Christians.

It seems cuddly ol’ goofy Bernie isn’t so cuddly after all, if he finds out you actually hold orthodox Christian beliefs. That, he says, makes you unfit to hold any kind of public office. Running the country is reserved for atheists and Muslims, Bernie?

Oh, well. We aren’t just whistling Dixie here on this blog. Somewhere, somebody’s listening to us. And by “us” I mean all of us here, and not just me.

8 comments on “I’ve Been Quoted in ‘The Times’

  1. Mazel tov! (As we say in the Bronx.) And it looks as though you have a lot more readers than you think.

    Your comments on the leftist “gods” are, of course, spot on.

  2. Way to go, Lee! Your audience is apparently growing 🙂 In this world where truth is so well hidden, people who seek it out will naturally gravitate to where they can find it – and they certainly will find it here!

  3. Great job, Lee. Robert Knight sure knows where to go for a good quote. And his article hits the nail on the head.

  4. Congrats. Indeed, this blog has greater value than we may imagine.

    As far as Bernie, et al, obviously he’s missing the point of the constitutional guaranty: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” We have the right to freely exercise our beliefs. Christianity (as taught in the bible) does not promote war against non-believers and promotes obedience to civil law. It does, however, place God above human rulers, and apparently Bernie can’t come to terms with that.

  5. I don’t read the Washington Times, but I’m surprised at the common sense and fair tone of this piece. And to even quote a “Christian radical” like Lee Duigon!

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