‘When My Work Ain’t So Much Fun’ (2017)

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The Democrat establishment has kneecapped Bernie Sanders (again!), but his ideas have saturated the party. The only question between them was “Which do we prefer–stealth socialism or openly-declared socialism?”

When My Work Ain’t So Much Fun

We are paying the real price now for years and years of letting leftists and idiots “educate” our children. Escaping the consequences of this folly will be extraordinarily difficult.

I read things like Bernie Sanders’ book so I can understand where the enemy is coming from and try to mobilize Christians against his plan.

Not an enjoyable job; but someone has to do it.

Howcom we Hasnt got No Munny???

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Meenwile the Unavercity of Minniesoda thay has “a” bujjit of $3.8 Billyin Dollers a yeer and our Collidge Pressadint he says he “is” Ashaymed that Our Collidge bujjit “it” is So Low so alll stoodints nhow thay Has “got to” P:ay moar munny!!! I didnt beleave that $3.8 Billyin Dollers at frist but sumb boddy thay Looked It “Up” on thare Cumpeuter and “it” Is True!!!

I amb reely Canfused!!!! i thawt thay was goingto has Freee Collidge Eddicasion foar evry boddy,, thats Waht Burny Sandders he was Saying, evry boddy thay wil Go “to” Collidge foar Freee!!! Waht hapened??? Whare didd “that” Idear go??? Nhow we goingto Be paying Moar wen it was saposed To Be freee!!!

Sumb Boddy thay sayed it “is” becose Of “the” Corny Vyris-,-well i dont Beleave It!!!!!! i bet Anny Thing it “is” becose of Donold Trumpt he is Aunty-Syance!!!!

We neeed a Amergincy Meating “of” the Stoodint Soviet to deside wahtt To Do aboat This hear disasster!!!!!!!!!!

The Kingmaker Speaks: Shut Down the Primary

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As alike as two pees in a pot

There’s a debate scheduled for this Sunday, Biden and Sanders one-on-one. But the South Carolina pol who gave Joe Biden’s failing campaign a jump start has called for cancelling the debate–in fact, shutting down the whole rest of the Democrat primary (https://www.foxnews.com/politics/clyburn-calls-for-shutting-dem-primary-down-canceling-debates-after-biden-surge).

What? You just shut it down? What about the states that haven’t voted yet? Sorry, folks.

In an interview last night on NPR, James Clyburn, who has suddenly emerged as the Democrat kingmaker, said the primary should be shut down and Biden declared the winner, take a hike, Bernie… because “you don’t do anything but get yourself in trouble if you continue in this contest.” Do they have to do what he says?

You can see their problem. Two candidates on worldwide TV. One of them’s a communist. The other doesn’t know where he is or what he’s doing, half the time. The other half the time, he can’t control himself. Not exactly a sure-fire way of rounding up sane people’s votes.

These two candidates, each appalling in his own way, could destroy each other. The Party can’t afford to let this happen. But to shut down the primary? When was the last time that was done? Certainly not in my lifetime. I’ll bet it’s never been done.

Clyburn is afraid of what these lunatics might say, once they get going. He should be.

The American people deserve to see and hear just how out-to-lunch these two guys are. But the Party muck-a-mucks don’t think so.

‘We Can Live with Joe’? Really?

The Democrat establishment flexed its muscles on Super Tuesday and pushed Joe Biden ahead of Bernie Sanders in the race for the party’s presidential nomination.

That they were able to do this was not surprising. What is surprising, and distressing, is the emergence of “conservative” commentators who are so happy to be rid of Bernie, they wouldn’t mind a Biden presidency. A business-as-usual presidency, with a moderate at the helm.

What kind of happy-juice have they been drinking?

First, watch this video again. It’s only one of many. If you really, truly believe this man is fit to be president, you’re as loopy as he is.

Since when is Joe a “moderate”? Open borders, transgender, Green New Deal, more and more abortion, more and more restrictions on the Second Amendment, government control of healthcare–these are lunatic public policies, and he’s on record as supporting every single one of them. These are extremist policies, and he supports them all.

What do these bogus conservative numbskulls mean when they say they “can live with Biden”? Better him than Bernie–’cause Bernie’s an out-and-out Bolshevik who publicly praises communist dictatorships? But in terms of policy recommendations, there’s hardly anything at all advocated by Sanders that hasn’t also been advocated by Biden. And all the rest of the departed Democrat candidates, we might add.

They’re all crazy. And so-called Republicans who think the republic can actually survive another Democrat regime are off their chumps.

Whether they can push and pull the doddering Biden all the way to Election Day remains to be seen. Heaven only knows what other bombs are going to drop from his mouth between then and now.

But all we need to know is No Democrats–never again.

Warning: They’re Not Kidding

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We really need to learn from history.

After the Napoleonic wars, the leaders of the European nations created an international system that was intended to preserve a balance of power and ensure stability. This system was utterly destroyed in World War I, and the rest of the 20th century featured a host of rampaging tyrants who, when they weren’t starting and waging a new world war that killed millions of people, mass-murdered millions of their own people during peacetime.

Back in the Sixties I used to laugh at foaming-at-the-mouth radical “protesters.” But what does history tell me? It tells me that the dictatorships always start with small bands of thugs and hooligans destabilizing their own countries and eventually taking power so that they can start killing people–in Germany. China. Russia. Cambodia. Cuba. All over the world.

I hope President Trump has a plan to rein in the Bernie Bros and the rest of the savages if they start torching cities and attacking people (well, heck, they’re already attacking people). This is what they’ve said they would do.

Depend upon it: the crazies mean what they say. If they can ever take power in this country, we will see what we have seen elsewhere many times before. Lawlessness. Mass graves. Prison camps. The whole 20th century deluxe fun pack.

The Democrat Party has thoroughly convinced me that they will destabilize and wreck our country, if that’s what it takes for them to rule it. They created this monster. They may not be able to control it. Bernie Sanders may not be able to control it.

But someone had better.

What a Krop O’ Kooks!

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Pretty soon it’s gonna be time to start voting.

After this week’s food fight–oops, I mean “debate”–which one of these do you want to see become our president?

The loopy vice president, as crooked as they come, who says things that make you question his very sanity. Like, the other night: “150 million people in the U.S. have been killed by gun violence since 2007.” Dude, you were in office for eight of those 13 years. Didn’t you notice it then? This guy is about two legs short of a three-legged stool.

Then there’s the compulsive liar who always gets caught in her lies–you know, the phony Native American, who lied about her father being a janitor, lied about being fired because she was pregnant. Never tells the truth.

And the socialist upchuck who went to the Soviet Union for his honeymoon and has stocked his campaign team with hooligans. He’s the front runner, so far.

Don’t forget the revolting little sodomite who was a mayor once: who says there’s no place for you in his Democrat party unless you’re gung-ho for abortion, says religious liberty ends where “gay rights” begins, and has the chutzpah to wave a Bible around and pretend that he’s read it.

And the billionaire who says the Party owes him something–owes him a presidential nomination, by thunder–after he spent $100 million in 2018 to elect enough Democrats to capture control of the House of Representatives. “I bought those seats!” he started to say; but he caught himself and changed it to, “I got those seats.” Mr. Tact. Then he brags about his perfect understanding of virtually everything, and talks about how most people are just plain too dumb to run their lives without his direction.

Which of these do you want to be president?

Can you believe a major political party has actually generated this gaggle of candidates?

It looks like the old commie’s going to have enough delegates, going into the convention, to nail down the nomination. Unless something…er… happens (heh-heh). I’m sure they can buy him off; but the thugs and wackos who support him might react a little violently to that. “I am, regrettably, dropping out for reasons of health…”

And in the wings, like a spider, waits… Hillary.

Well, some of us have prayed the Lord to put the Democrat Party out of business, forever.

Maybe this is his way of doing just that.

Is This Poll for Real?

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The answer to the headline question is, “Probably not.” The last time we heard from NBC Nooze, they were insisting it’d be illegal to vote for Donald Trump. And the Wall Street Journal is well known for its embrace of illegal aliens as a source of cheap labor. So put ’em together in an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, and you don’t exactly have credibility a la mode.

But for what it’s worth, a new NBC/WSJ poll finds “socialism” the most unappealing quality in a presidential candidate (https://www.foxnews.com/politics/socialist-unpopular-quality-presidential-candidate-poll-finds). Indeed, 67% of respondents said they were “very uncomfortable” with a socialist running for president.

The majority also said they were uncomfortable with a candidate over 75 years old, and/or with a candidate who had had a heart attack. Does that sound to you like it’s starting to add up to Bernie Sanders–a socialist old guy who’s had a heart attack?

And yet Bernie is now the clear front-runner in the race to see which idiot gets the Democrat presidential nomination; and his loyal Bernie Bros have pledged riots and arson if the Democrat National Committee screws him out of it again, as they did in 2016. This is sort of an experiment: riots and arson as planks in the platform.

Thing is, the Democrat establishment is beaucoup uncomfortable with Bernie’s baldly stated socialism. They very much prefer the kind of socialism that you suddenly find surrounding you when you wake up in the morning, and you have no idea how it got there. You’re sure it wasn’t there when you went to bed that night.

Bernie is not stealth socialism. His followers aren’t bashful about recommending gulags for anyone who didn’t vote for their guy. Or anyone who doesn’t jump high enough when they say “Jump!” Even other Democrats have objected to the kind of company Bernie keeps. How awful do you have to be before another Democrat notices?

Meanwhile–here’s where the Wall Street Journal part comes in–47% of respondents are “very uncomfortable” with President Donald Trump on the ballot.

This really is a lot of bilge, isn’t it?


Oops–‘Disaster’ for Dems in Iowa

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I had to go to the eye doctor this morning, and I’m back now, but the results of yesterdays Iowa Democrat caucus still aren’t in.

Last night an unidentified NBC Nooze panelist was heard to remark, on a live microphone, “Oh my ***, what a ****ing disaster!” (http://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3813527/posts)

So who won? We haven’t yet been told. Meanwhile, let me make a prediction–one that doesn’t require any crystal ball or Tarot cards. Here goes:

If it turns out that socialist wack-job Bernie Sanders won in Iowa, and won big, then from now until the national convention, the remaining Democrat candidates are going to pour it on, trying to out-crazy one another. They’re going to go so far to the left, they’ll be out of the galaxy.

And there’s going to be some dirty pool played at that convention, the like of which has not been seen in our lifetimes.

Hillary vs. Bernie: the Unlikeability Sweepstakes

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Depend upon it: two-time loser Hillary Clinton is a candidate for the Democrat presidential nomination. That’s why she’s begun to diss the other candidates, starting with out-and-out socialist Bernie Sanders (https://www.foxnews.com/politics/clinton-bernie-in-new-documentary).

Dig this quote. “Nobody likes him, nobody wants to work with him, he got nothing done [in the Senate]. He was a career politician. It’s all just baloney…”

She also voiced some concerns for the “culture” that has grown up around her fellow Far Left Crazy candidate. You know–like that guy who, in between f-words, wants to burn down cities if Bernie doesn’t get the nomination, and set up gulags for 60 million Trump supporters. How many like him would President Bernie bring into the government? We don’t want to find out, do we?

But Hillary! Get real. Who likes you? What did you ever get done in public office, aside from scooping up tons and tons of moolah for your Clinton Foundation? Who wants to work with you, without a food-taster?

Anyway, the challenge now is to find a Democrat, any Democrat, who is not hopelessly corrupt. Democrats are not from The Swamp. Democrats are The Swamp.

Tread them down, defeat them forever, in November.

Getting Out the Felon Vote

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We told you pushing “democracy” in a country which is by law a republic leads to mischief.

Sometime today, Kentucky’s new Democrat governor, citing his “faith”–faith in what, we are not told, is expected to sign an executive order restoring voting rights to more than 100,000 “non-violent” felons (https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/politics-news/kentucky-gov-beshear-restore-voting-rights-over-100-000-former-n1099356) who have served their sentences.

“They deserve (?) the right to participate in our great *d*e*m*o*c*r*a*c*y,” says Gov. Andy Beshear.

Individual states have long had the authority to restore voting rights to convicted felons who have served their time in jail. What’s a little larceny, fraud, drug-peddling, identity theft, operating a stolen car ring, or any of those other crimes in which the victim doesn’t actually get his throat cut?

And of course this move couldn’t possibly have anything to do with next year’s national elections–perish the thought.

It’s a little unsettling, though, to think Kentucky has 100,000-plus ex-felons in the first place. With another quarter-million or so still behind bars. Can’t people behave themselves?

Running for the Democrat presidential nomination, weird Bernie Sanders wants to go Beshear one better and allow felons to vote while still in jail. Anything for democracy! Wheel those voting machines into the prison cafeteria!

Well, if crooks can run for office and serve in government, they might as well be voting, too.