‘Bernie: If you’re White, You Don’t Know What It’s Like to Be Poor’ (2016)

What Bernie Sanders Doesn't Understand About the Economy

Actually, very many white people know exactly what it’s like to be poor. We could give you lessons, Bernie! Want ’em? (You can bet your boots he doesn’t!)

Bernie: If You’re White, You Don’t Know What It’s Like to be Poor

The thing that makes socialism immoral is that it rests on a sin–the mortal sin of envy. Anyone who has more than me has robbed me! Well, Big Brother’ll take care of him!

And if you need an explanation as to why race-baiting is a sin, I don’t know that there’s any hope for you.

Envy, fear, and hate–you serve up a nice cocktail, Bernie Sanders.


‘A Lesson from the Iowa Caucus’ (2016)

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Do you think our politicians take our country’s future seriously?

Think again!

A Lesson from the Iowa Caucus

In 2016 Democrats chose to flip a coin–literally– to decide the outcomes of several county primaries in Iowa. This is what a sane person calls frivolous. As in “not having any serious purpose or value.” Hey, they’re all gonna be rich no matter who wins.

In the five years since this was written, the only thing they’ve proved they’re serious about is doing as much damage to our country as they can.

Bernie Sanders: Voice of Reason?

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Tony and Kolchak go at it

I feel like Karl Kolchak trying to convince his editor that vampires and bayou monsters are infesting Chicago. I mean, I’m about to tell you Bernie Sanders has emerged as the voice of reason on Capitol Hill. Compared to that, demons in a housing development seems rather easier to believe in.

It’s true, though. Democrats have introduced legislation to pack the Supreme Court, adding four more Far Left judges so they can get the rulings that they want; and Bernie Sanders has pleaded with them not to do it (https://www.dailywire.com/news/breaking-democrats-introducing-legislation-to-pack-supreme-court-with-4-new-justices-report-says).

‘Cause if they do, he warns, the next time Republicans are in power, they’ll do the same thing; and by and by we’ll wind up with 857 Supreme Court justices and no public confidence left in any of its decisions. It would also take years and years of wrangling to reach a decision on anything, but let that pass for now.

C’mon, Bernie! What could go wrong? The special House commission will be led by Jerry “Shoulda Worn a Diaper” Nadler and Hank “The island of Guam might capsize if we put any more Marines on it” Johnson–the best and the brightest among House Democrats. How can this not be a brilliant idea?

Bernie’s not the only Dem trying to keep the car from going off the cliff. Justice Stephen Breyer. Harry Reid. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, just before she died.

When Franklin Roosevelt tried to pack the court, House Democrats turned against him and he couldn’t do it. But today’s blind folly seems to be arising from the House itself, with encouragement from the scarecrow in the White House.

And why bother to pack the court at all, when the justices are already so afraid of riots that they won’t even look at the 2020 election?

Bernie’s Mittens = ‘White Privilege’

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[Thanks to my chess buddy, “WannaBe,” for the nooze tip.]

At first glance, this nooze item is merely silly and trivial. But look again: it’s a symptom of the disease that’s killing our culture.

Senator Bernie Sanders, attending the inauguration of, ahem, “President” Joe Biden, found the weather very cold that day, so he wore a thick coat… and mittens. Like, instead of a Hawaiian shirt and shorts. This innocent and sensible choice of apparel won him a public condemnation by a San Francisco public high school “teacher,” published as an op ed in the San Francisco Chronicle and was used for fund-raising for an assortment of idiotic leftid causes.

The so-called teacher said the image of Bernie in his cold weather gear “epitomize(s) white privilege”–indeed, “white privilege, male privilege, and class privilege.”

We send our kids to public schools to be “taught” by Far Left idiots because ______________. Fill in the blank. I dare you.

No sympathy for Bernie, though! He’s spent years feeding this beast, and now it’s bitten him in the tuchas.

But now we have people picking fights for truly absurd non-reasons, freaking themselves out with imaginary grievances, infecting our institutions with their bitter follies, force-feeding it to children and college students–the whole Far Left Crazy taking the country on a thrill ride to disaster. And no one has thought of any effective way to stop it.

How does dressing warmly in cold weather make you a Racist?

We can only pray these wackos wind up devouring each other.

‘It’s Never Their Fault’ (2016)

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What–me worry?

Was there ever a time when the Democrat Party wasn’t crooked? First they stole a nomination from Bolshevik Bernie Sanders. Now they’ve stolen a whole election.

It’s Never Their Fault

But whatever the crime, it’s never their fault! Nope–the blame always gets slapped onto whoever was trusting enough to blow the whistle on the crime. That’s how they managed Climategate: and instead of the whole Climbit Change enterprise going down in flames, the Climategate scandal was chased clean out of the nooze cycle.

Damn, they’re good at doing that!

‘A Cultural Disaster, a Hymn, and a Prayer

(Somehow the hymn that originally went with this post got taken away. Let the readers decide what hymn ought to be posted here. The first suggestion I receive is the one I’ll use.)

(Suggested by Phoebe: In the Name of Jesus We Have the Victory)

This post was written when Bernie Sanders was still in the Senate, indulging in a public orgy of Christ-hating.

It appalls me that this could happen here in America.

A Cultural Disaster, a Hymn, and a Prayer

This deterioration of our nation’s culture was accomplished during my own lifetime, right before my eyes–and yet I can’t explain how they did it. All I know is that a lot of very bad, and a lot of very badly deluded, people worked very hard at it for a long time. Imagine if they’d turned their hands to some decent purpose.

But then they wouldn’t be leftids.

‘When My Work Ain’t So Much Fun’ (2017)

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The Democrat establishment has kneecapped Bernie Sanders (again!), but his ideas have saturated the party. The only question between them was “Which do we prefer–stealth socialism or openly-declared socialism?”

When My Work Ain’t So Much Fun

We are paying the real price now for years and years of letting leftists and idiots “educate” our children. Escaping the consequences of this folly will be extraordinarily difficult.

I read things like Bernie Sanders’ book so I can understand where the enemy is coming from and try to mobilize Christians against his plan.

Not an enjoyable job; but someone has to do it.

Howcom we Hasnt got No Munny???

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Meenwile the Unavercity of Minniesoda thay has “a” bujjit of $3.8 Billyin Dollers a yeer and our Collidge Pressadint he says he “is” Ashaymed that Our Collidge bujjit “it” is So Low so alll stoodints nhow thay Has “got to” P:ay moar munny!!! I didnt beleave that $3.8 Billyin Dollers at frist but sumb boddy thay Looked It “Up” on thare Cumpeuter and “it” Is True!!!

I amb reely Canfused!!!! i thawt thay was goingto has Freee Collidge Eddicasion foar evry boddy,, thats Waht Burny Sandders he was Saying, evry boddy thay wil Go “to” Collidge foar Freee!!! Waht hapened??? Whare didd “that” Idear go??? Nhow we goingto Be paying Moar wen it was saposed To Be freee!!!

Sumb Boddy thay sayed it “is” becose Of “the” Corny Vyris-,-well i dont Beleave It!!!!!! i bet Anny Thing it “is” becose of Donold Trumpt he is Aunty-Syance!!!!

We neeed a Amergincy Meating “of” the Stoodint Soviet to deside wahtt To Do aboat This hear disasster!!!!!!!!!!

The Kingmaker Speaks: Shut Down the Primary

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As alike as two pees in a pot

There’s a debate scheduled for this Sunday, Biden and Sanders one-on-one. But the South Carolina pol who gave Joe Biden’s failing campaign a jump start has called for cancelling the debate–in fact, shutting down the whole rest of the Democrat primary (https://www.foxnews.com/politics/clyburn-calls-for-shutting-dem-primary-down-canceling-debates-after-biden-surge).

What? You just shut it down? What about the states that haven’t voted yet? Sorry, folks.

In an interview last night on NPR, James Clyburn, who has suddenly emerged as the Democrat kingmaker, said the primary should be shut down and Biden declared the winner, take a hike, Bernie… because “you don’t do anything but get yourself in trouble if you continue in this contest.” Do they have to do what he says?

You can see their problem. Two candidates on worldwide TV. One of them’s a communist. The other doesn’t know where he is or what he’s doing, half the time. The other half the time, he can’t control himself. Not exactly a sure-fire way of rounding up sane people’s votes.

These two candidates, each appalling in his own way, could destroy each other. The Party can’t afford to let this happen. But to shut down the primary? When was the last time that was done? Certainly not in my lifetime. I’ll bet it’s never been done.

Clyburn is afraid of what these lunatics might say, once they get going. He should be.

The American people deserve to see and hear just how out-to-lunch these two guys are. But the Party muck-a-mucks don’t think so.