Prayer Request: Our Cat

My wife fears that one of our cats, Robbie, has a serious medical problem which must be addressed, so off to the vet we go on Tuesday. I’m not altogether convinced, but I am convinced we need your prayers.

This poor cat! She’s had one health crisis after another. For years and years she was coughing violently, and we had to squirt medicine up her nose every day. Finally the neighbors from Hell left, and stopped doing whatever they were doing in the cellar that was coming up through the floorboards into our apartment–and Robbie stopped coughing. And started romping and playing.

But she has lost weight lately, Patty is sure it’s a thyroid disorder, so it’s back to the vet.

Those of you who have cats or dogs know how dear our pets are to us. And God knows how we love them: that’s why He gave them to us. Please send up a prayer for Robbie.

O Lord my God, whatever is wrong with my poor cat–and I pray it’s nothing much!–please, Father, put it right. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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  1. Quite suddenly, my cat began to lose weight. She was also urinating profusely. She had become more playful and active than she had been but what concerned me the most was the fact that she was losing enough weight that it was noticeable when I’d picked her up.

    I was concerned that she might have developed diabetes, but it turns out she is hyper-thyroid and that this in not uncommon as cats age. There were some blood tests and, IIRC, the T-4 level isolated the problem. The answer was found in medications, one to control Thyroid hormone levels, the other the lower her blood pressure.

    Now, every night, she gets three small cubes of chicken. Her BP med is 1/4 of a pill daily and I give her two half-tablets of her thyroid meds. She has quit losing weight and seems back to normal. The urine volume is still high, but the doctor said that was to be expected. Her behavior is back to normal as well and it seems as if matters are under control.

    Praryers sent.

    1. Thanks, Unknowable–it sounds familiar, but I still pray we don’t have to force any more medicine into this poor cat. Over the years, she’s had enough. Plus it makes her hate me (guess who gets stuck with all the “heavy” jobs).

    2. FWIW, I buy deli chicken sliced about 7/16″ thick and cut small cubes of roughly 7/16″ on all sides and embed the pills in that. She takes her meds every day without fuss or bluster because she can’t hold the cubes down to tear them apart and the pills remain embedded. She actually looks forward to this and comes looking for her treat every evening around supper time.

  2. Dear Lord, you have given us these wonderful loving gifts to enrich our lives and give us joy. Please look after Robbie and restore her health. Your gentle touch to her ‘parents’ would help too, Lord. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

  3. Lee, I keep you and your intentions in my prayers every day. And yes, I know how much it hurts to watch a loved pet suffer. I pray all will be well.

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