Loony Tunes: ‘Babbit and Catstello’

You might want to watch this before youtube pulls it off this blog.

Loony Tunes, 1942: Babbit and Catstello takes off on Abbot and Costello, who were smokin’ hot at the time. They were only two of the many movie stars who wound up with avatars in cartoons, including Bing Crosby, Humphrey Bogart, and Peter Lorre, just to name three. Some of these renditions were uncanny!

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  1. Oh my goodness, I remember these 🙂 Thanks, Lee!

    Remember when Abbott and Costello did their famous ‘Who’s On First’ routine? What a great routine!

  2. That was pretty cute and quite topical to 1942. The utter mayhem of these cartoons delights me to this day. Extended falls, lasting long enough to work in all sorts of comic nonsense. Then came the Roadrunner cartoons which took this to even greater extremes.

    I will offer a shout out to the late Freddie Tavares, whom played that swooping steel guitar lick at the beginning of the theme music. Tavares was a native-born Hawaiian and an expert at steel guitar, playing on numerous recordings back in the day. He later worked for the Fender company and was instrumental (no pun intended) in the design of the Fender Stratocaster guitar, a design in continuous production for 63 years.

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