Cat and Bunny Cuddling

I was just posting this when our bedroom air conditioner started making horrible noises. Y’know, for two cents I’d check myself into a rubber room…

45 Minutes Later

I’m afraid I didn’t do justice to this video. I’m feeling rather brittle this evening, and the last time one of our air conditioners made a noise like that, it died on the spot. I am happy to report that that hasn’t happened this time. Not yet, at least.

I need a bedroom AC for two reasons. First, this building holds heat like nobody’s business except in the winter, when it holds in the cold. On warm days it can get to 100 degrees up there. Secondly, I need its steady sound to mask the objectionable multitude of rackety noises in this neighborhood.

So, look, bunny and kitty, I’m sorry–today is just not my day. Anyway, you’ve got each other and you don’t need me.

Both my cats are too conked out from all the agita today even to eat their suppers.

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  1. They both seemed to enjoy that arrangement.

    Sorry to hear about your A/C. Shut it off for a few minutes and see what it does. FWIW, it’s 116 degrees here. I almost forgot to bring my parka when I left for work this morning. 🙂

    1. I can relate, Including the need for the fan noise. I usually keep a box fan handy. On my road trip, I didn’t have one along and the two nights spent in motels were an exercise in insomnia.

      Hang in, Lee.

  2. Oh, great scott, what next!? I am sorry to hear this. I also know how you feel about the rubber room, for sure. I have been feeling really horrible for several days, finally got up enough strength to go to the post office, five minutes away, stopped in the store for about ten minutes, and when I got home, the fire dept. was here, the big shop building was burning, along with a lot of expensive equipment inside. I called my son at work, he came home, but there were 4 fire fighting units here, so he talked to the men, then returned to work. We are hoping insurance will take care of it, and Thurs. I have my appointment in the bigger town with the neurologist, hoping I can get some help. ON AND ON IT GOES. I will pray for you, Lee.

    1. Erlene, you’re already in my daily prayers, but it sounds like you could use some extra.
      A friend of mine owned a house which he rented to a somewhat less than reliable couple. Late in life, he got married for the first time; and as he and his bride prepared to go on their honeymoon, he went to see his tenants and remind them, when they used the laundry machines, to empty out the lint. He demonstrated to them how to do it.
      So of course he returned from his honeymoon to find the house burned to the ground. And the tenants–who forgot to clean out the lint, and so started the fire, as he’d warned them could happen–were suing him! Suing him for their motel expenses and loss of whatever they lost in the fire.
      My friend is such a nice man, he didn’t even buy a gun and murder them. The judge did dismiss the lawsuit, though.
      Yes, it must be the devil to come back from some errand and find the Fire Dept. crawling all over the place.
      Prayers for you!

  3. Oh dear! Prayers for you and Patty, Lee, and for Erlene. Unknowable has it about right, I think – if it’s raining, i’s probably pouring – and today seems to have brought thunderstorms 🙁

  4. Oh, no! Lee and Erlene, you’re in my prayers overtime this morning. May the good Lord hold you in His arms and give you comfort. In Jesus’ name, amen.

    Speaking of unwelcome sounds, UnKnowable and Lee, it looks as though my summers in this new neighborhood are going to be punctuated by the sounds of a nearby club’s outdoor “entertainment” on occasional Saturday nights. At first I thought the sounds might be coming from an inconsiderate neighbor, but when I called security to help me find the source, he told me it was this club, and there was nothing we could do about it. Fortunately, (a) they don’t do it every week, (b) the music tends to be more soul and light jazz than rap or heavy metal, and (c) the sound-blocking safety ear muffs that I bought do seem to help somewhat.

    1. A box fan does wonders in such a situation.

      I may have AC problems myself. It’s 4:30 AM and the air was still running. 79 degrees outside, 81 degrees inside. I shit it off to let the compressor have a break.

  5. Seems we need prayers all around. I’m afraid it will be this way, more or less, until the Lord returns to set things right. Can’t give up, though, just keep those prayers going up. Our Father does care for all our needs.
    Thank you all so much for praying, and I am joining you for all.

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