Answered Prayers: Robbie

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We have just heard from our veterinarian this morning. Robbie’s symptoms are caused by an overactive thyroid–not uncommon in cats as they get older, and ours are eleven–and can be treated with a prescription ear gel. Considering all the other really terrible things it could have been, this was good news and we thank you for your prayers–and we thank the Lord our God for hearing them and granting them.

Later on there is a radioactive iodine treatment that knocks out a bad thyroid once and for all, but we will cross that bridge when we come to it. Meanwhile, a semblance of order is returning to our household.

So I think I’ll put up one more post and then go on to vacuum, get a shower, go to the store, and hopefully get back to work on my book.

9 comments on “Answered Prayers: Robbie

  1. Praise the Lord for good news. Sounds like things are under control at your place. Have a good day.

  2. Praise God! He loves His children and His creation. And He is faithful. Thank you, Father.

    Lee, if you’re going to the store, I think there was a toy you were thinking of going back to get. I can’t remember what it was but this might be a great time to get it 🙂

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